The New Beginnings

the new beginning has been an approach to many teachings in every cultural since time began. new beginnings will also be difficult to achieve. therefore we seek teachers to guide us on that journey but we forget to practice what is taught. with all things there is teaching which is education and then their is practice and  then there is action. when this is not done and a step gets missed all things are lost. our history as humans has been very similar.

The similarities we all have  is being enslave by another. Slavery is an action of being control mentally , physically, and spiritually. if one or all is being controlled by another your are enslaved.  Recently Passover and Palm Sunday was observed and Ramadan and Theravada will  will be celebrated. These days and times high light new beginnings. As animal of life we will either do two things be tamed or fight for freedom. As a conscious human being you will fight to be free. The problem with humans is the slumber of ones consciousness. This is a major conundrum  of humans is no recognizing that you have enslaved yourself. One day you may be awaken by the sound of truth and it will resonates inside you and shake the Nuro- fibers to fire in a light of a new day and new beginnings.

Ask yourself these questions

1st. Have you recognized your trauma and working on it openly(Being free and talking about your pain)

2nd. Have your mind, body, spirit equally( Do you know why you think what your actions are)

3rd. Do you know your passion?

4th. Is your subconscious cleared away and you are living in Consciousness? ( knowing how, what , why, you are breathing in each moment)

These simple questions are important for you to answer with your truth. These question are not meant to shame you. It is meant to incite you to start your training , practice , action to new beginnings and to free yourself from being enslaved by yourself and by the other. one of the trainings I was taught and I practice is The Beginning Mind.

When you are a true beginner, your mind is empty and open. you are willing to learn and consider all pieces of information, like a child discovering something for the first time. as you develop knowledge and expertise, however your mind naturally becomes more closed. you tend to think you already have a handle on your motions and emotions. Many have shed blood and tears to be release from slavery. What will it cost you to be free from your enslavement.  There is a life of living waiting for you to be free. A love , A  Joy, A Child, A Country, A Friend, You.

written by: Dr. Paul W Dyer GM