My Black Pride Is Not A Crime

I am reaching to you from my experience and my journey. The way we touch and connect our lives as humans is to understand the dynamic of love and the comfort of compassion. Here is a poem I wrote.

vector silhouette of a girl with raised hands and broken chains

                       Gonna Take You Higher Black Pride The Crime I am:

                               Your Papers, My Crime

                               Your Media, My Crime

                               The Love of My Children, My Crime

   From the beats of my soul to the color of my name, My Crime.

African, Nigger, Negro, Colored, African American not my name, Your Crime.

My Crime, the crime I am is that I am a Black Man not a crime.

You took my I’s as votes and blinded my eyes with white coats.

Every word I say is hung from the tree like my granddaddy.

My life is not a crime.

The crime that I am is the Black Man you see, Not the Enslaved man you need me to be.

                                   My Life is Not a Crime.

                                  My Pride Is Not a Crime.

                                  I am A Black Man Not a Crime.

Written by: Dr Paul W Dyer GM.


All human experiences generated from within. What comes from within. You must be the way you want it. Experiences Isn’t that simple enough, I’m asking what comes from around you may not be the way you want it, but what comes from within is a choice. You must be the way you want it, if whatever happens within you the way you want it, you will you be blissed out or miserable blissed out. See most people understand complexity as intelligence. If they make themselves difficult. They are supposed to be intelligent, making a simple thing difficult is not intelligence, making an overly complex thing simple is intelligence. This is the wrong sense of intelligence idea of intelligence has entered people’s minds, they think if they make a problem out of every solution, they are intelligent, no, no. If you find solutions for every problem that is intelligence. That is my understanding. So essentially, this whole, this whole attitude and questioning, and this kind of thing has happened to the world in a big way because our education is confusing people to make them believe that memory is intelligence. The pains of me being me is not a memory it is a conclusion of memory American is trying to hide.

The quickest way the weak hides pain is to turn away the heart, and mind, and the compassion. I know it is difficult to problem solve when the tools given to fix a problem are broken, missing, and even dull.

The only thing that is fantastic are things mishandle can and will kill you. Our thoughts are the breeze from the mind. You will be Becoming the engineer of your life to harness the wind from the mind. The winds of our pass and future are coming together. It will be either be a Tornado/ Hurricane or the skies will clear.

Written by: Dr Paul W Dyer GM