Living Your Best Authentic Life

How many of us have been silenced from our own voice? How many of us have been taken from our growth process? These are not questioning as much as they are a quest or journey. Because reading and looking at art or listening to music is a creative process perspective. Here is the difficult that must be viewed from the window of science. If you have been phylogenetic or emotional and spiritual damaged from any moment in your life, it creates a murky to dirty viewing window in the brain. The brain will produce toxins and a chemistry that is produced by your quest and journey. These are not facts but factors. In science there is just factors and understanding not groupwork of related thesis. When we scream to our authentic self, we seek our own facts.

From the mental jail to emotional freedom, there is a separation of self and prison. When someone has you caged physically there is no subjectivity to freedom. When someone is controlling you there is no possibility of freedom.  It can be subjective to think that there is an emotional prison. So, if you want to scream, yell, say you are going to live your best life, and you are going to be your authentic self, I both professionally and personally agree and am cheering you on. A question for your quest and journey, how is your viewing mind? Have you cleaned up your murky, dirty, traumatized window? The mind has many windows and if you think and believe you have gone to therapy and worked on or even healed and cleaned the window, will this be the only window you will look through. Picture yourself in a room of four windows and you only clean one. When you look outside are you only going to look through one window? The word healed I must address, because I have no connection or faith in this word healed. I think there is continuous healing no matter how fast or slow. Healing only stops when we move from this plane of living to the next.

Alina means a new beginning. Life is one continuous circle of energy not words of physical form. Be grateful who wants to be in your life and not complaining or demanding you change so they feel comfortable with who they are. The universal code is abundance and gratitude received and transmitted by love. That is simple, but difficult to do with broken or dirty windows of the mind. Until you correct your chemistry of what the brain produces from the mind your windows will remain either broken or dirty. There is no authenticity because there is no self just fear, anger, and hatred. When you are authentic truly authentic there is love and embracing, acceptance of life not breaking down by race, religion, and or human sex of life. When you compete that is comparing there is no self just selfishness not consciousnesses, but conscious-less.

When you are condemned by thoughts and perspectives itis a self-prison. When you are held by conditions and restrictions it is a prison. Authenticity is emotional and experience that only one can be with. The unfortunate truth is that constant anxiety often transcends the mental and emotional side of things and can seep into physical ailments too. This may cause a lack of sleep, concentration loss, illness, racing mind, or even mental diseases and disorders. It often causes muscle tension, hinders the functioning of the immune system, and keeps those suffering from enjoying their life. The constant feeling of being overwhelmed can result in panic, some of us are too scared to even leave our own homes. These realities are our concern and a motivation for providing holistic healing tools for you to consider, as you pursue a healthier life.

The training to start the process to heal the broken and dirty windows in your mind is a process and a journey. When we meditate, we wonder: what is the mind? What is consciousness, or awareness? In some ways the mind may seem unreal. It is not something tangible. The mind is not composed of the physical elements of earth, water, fire, or wind. But if the mind is not tangibly real, how is it that we are able to think and feel and do all the things that we do each day?

In Buddhist texts, the reflection of the moon on a lake is used as a metaphor to explain how things do not exist in the way that they appear to us. While they appear to be fully real, substantially existent, and to possess some intrinsic nature of their own, they do not in fact exist in that way. This analogy can help us begin to understand the way that the mind exists.

Written by: Dr Paul W Dyer

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