Historical Farce:

I will get into what I am saying when it comes to historical or prehistoric farce. First let me explain what a farce means.  A farce is a comic dramatic (please mentally underline dramatic) work using buffoonery and crude characteristics action and ludicrously situations. The pass life moments for whatever reason whether it be disastrous or joyous builds the stage for future acts. Moments are matter that is made of atoms and created by vibration born from frequency that stays as a tone or tune to be played in the internal body and external action. Once the historical farce is being enacted the play begins. The heart is the conductor of the ridiculous farce, and the mind is the choreographer. In this act of action, we are the mere players of this dramatic play. History does not repeat itself, but similar songs do have the same beats and measures and this mental thought creates ludicrously situations to be played.

I would like to give you an exercise. Listen to any song right now and try not to think of past songs that are similar or songs the artist has done or think of a moment it reminds you of. This exercise is to help you to not think and create linear thinking. Linear thinkers put moments together and reasons like trains on a track. What this causes is a historical farce action.  What the heart conductor will do is control the song it likes to play with many instruments it is used to playing. What the choreographer of the mind will do is keep adding to the same moves it has been doing for years.  From my personal experiences and perspective and understanding this is difficult for people to understand because this familiar play blinds, you the actor, from the I and I. The I and I is the connection to the relationship with all things from the creator, and I mean All Things. The difficulty for traumatized children who grow into adult bodies is that they are programed to perform the same farce over and over again. When speaking to these traumatized individuals they will often hear the notes of faults and wronged chords. Life’s most difficult journey is to not see, hear, taste, feel, or smell things as similar. Retrain your lead conductor and choreographer to change your farce into works of art. To have this in any situation starts with hope, joy and love of individual moments of matter to keep building the amazing plays broken into different acts or stanzas.  Then you will be able to act in a different play in every moment of time. There in this action of acts is peace, joy, and love.

Written by: Dr. Paul W Dyer