Hard On Conversation Dysfunction

“What are you talking about Willis.”  Do you remember that saying from an old timey show Called Different Strokes. Well, it leads me to my hard talk to men. It takes different strokes if you can’t get it up. If you don’t know what I am referring to it is Erectile Dysfunction. I have a different take on it that no one is talking about or is wanting to talk about. That is Emotional Erectile Dysfunction (EED).  

When you are in the midst of a storm, it will be hard- no pun intended, for you to understand what is going with yourself emotionally and the erectile problem you are having. I can say this from my experience, the emotions are all part of your life and sexual performance. Whenever you think you are, your body and brain has already plotted the travel plans for the oxygen and chemicals that circulate through the body. These active actions of the conscious and subconscious thoughts have a cause and effect. These thoughts create the dysfunction of your sexual intimacy. Yes, it causes issues, but please stay on the Penis Point (The PP)

There are several key areas of the brain I want to mention before I give my theory. Our prefrontal cortex involves emotion regulation and decision making. It holds our sense of self. The amygdala conjures up anxiety and fear. The thalamus is the information of sight, touch, and our other senses. The hippocampus is where we store memory.

The next thing I want to give you information on slightly is The Circle Of Willis. The Circle of Willis joins several arteries around the brain. “What Are You Talking About Willis” The brain is supply by the Circle of Willis with 80% of Oxygen.

When we are talking about erectile issues in men, we are not talking about how oxygen is getting around and through our bodies and in this case to the penis point. As you know I talk about emotions and the trauma that has affected our system of living for centuries. I was going to say our civilized living culture, but the way people treat each other, to harm, physically and mentally, I don’t think I can conceive to called it a civilized society.

Our thoughts and what and how and when and where and the big why affects oxygen in our bodies. Our brain triggers chemical reactions to control external actions all the time. For example, when you are in a sad place mentally or just not on the high you think you could be.

 Therefore, I teach ERT (Emotional Reaction Training) EED (Emotional Erectile Dysfunction) I believe is the source of 80% of men’s problems in the Penis point (The PP)

We are not solving how our brain is receiving information so that brain chemical plant is releasing negative toxins and it is affecting our oxygen supply to the point that the Circle of Willis is not able to circulate the proper amount of oxygen from front to the back of the brain where the keys elements need oxygen for them to trigger the proper chemical for your explosive point. ERT (Emotional Reaction Training) teaches you to recognize and resolve. Have you noticed sometimes, time and places make you feel different.  You can do yourself and your partner justice or just satisfaction if you learn how to address the reaction of your brain.

The next time you are having a lift problem say these words “What Are You Talking About Willis”. Your thoughts have blocked your flow.

Written By: Dr Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer

Emotional Reaction Training https://sites.google.com/view/drpaulwdyer/home?authuser=0