Wealth Strategist Demetris Curry Relaunches Empowerment Journal

Demetris “Dee” Curry, published author, speaker, Insurance Wellness Strategist, and Commercial Real Estate Broker, recently relaunched a new and improved version of her “Brighter Days Ahead” self-empowerment book and journal. 

As a wealth strategist and coach, Demetris emphasizes one of the keys to building and maintaining wealth is to become whole mentally and physically by healing one’s inner self.

“I’ve been through so many things in life, positive and negative, that molded me into who I am now,” Demetris explained. “I started this book 10 years ago, but I am a completely different person now. I can give a full perspective on everything I went through to show people they can come out on the other side of whatever they are going through, and there are brighter days ahead.”

“Brighter Days Ahead” shows others they are not alone in the struggles they experience in life. The book details challenges Demetris encountered throughout her lifetime that molded her into the successful entrepreneur, wife, and mother she is today.

“I want readers to get out of this book that even though you’re going through this situation right now, it is not the end of the road. What you’re going through is for a purpose – to either make you stronger, to help someone else when you share your testimony, or to know that you can get better at or use this situation to make you even stronger for the next one,” Demetris said.

The book also includes an area for journaling following each chapter for the reader to fully immerse in a reflective process throughout the reading experience. 

“It’s a motivation of daily activity and changing the mind on a day-to-day basis while gaining strength in between,” Demetris explained. “This is a great book for reprogramming – reprogramming the mind to change what you’ve been told from negative people, change what you thought about yourself, and to change the thoughts about all those things you thought would hold you back or you’d never have or are not supposed to have. It even helps to change the thought that good things are supposed to happen to other people and not yourself. This is for people that struggle with those types of problems, because that’s what I went through.”

Brighter Days Ahead provides firsthand testimonials, advice, and encouragement to explore solutions to various life challenges, such as self-doubt, low self-esteem, overcoming trauma, and increasing self-confidence. It is currently available for pre-sale at www.DemetrisCurry.com and via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million sites. The book officially launches November 15, 2022.