The Human Machine In Trying Times

The Human machine is created, and evolution processed. This means nothing to the human mind that attracts and connects all things in the universe.  We could read and pontificate on the most high and the most desire way to gain insight or enlightenment in the cosmic universe.  If this was a sixties paper it would be already groovy. We are not in the sixties and the world has evolved from the dark ages and moving into the rise of the new golden age of light.  there are elements of power that is trapped within our life force of body and mind that has been hidden in plain sight. Obviously, the human psyche has been altered and the three-brained beings that live on the face of Earth, are ABNORMAL. However, one does not realize that one is abnormal, that one is imbalanced, until one eliminates the Psychic Aggregates. When one has attained the radical disintegration of the undesirable elements, then the essence becomes normal within oneself, the psyche becomes normal, and once the normality is established, then obviously one perceives the abnormality of our fellow human beings. This is difficult to understand. Even if we accept this intellectually, it is very difficult to have consciousness of what we are hearing, because we do not even remotely know how the normal Consciousness works.

Many times, a cosmic catastrophe produces cosmic waves, and these are just enough to touch the brains of the organic machine called ‘human beings’ and the latter being abnormal go to war. If they were normal, then they would not do that, but, instead, they hoist different flags, justify their battles with various excuse.

When I mention war the lower-level mind drags the blood of others and misses the spiritual war, the soulful war, and most above all the mental war that was declared when the bag of two atomic unities collided to spread the dust of existence. All of us are beautiful when we are born. Why? Because all of us carry 3% of free essence rest, the 97%, is bottled up within that multiplicity of the Ego. The part of us that is the free element, impregnates the fecundated egg, and surges into existence, reincorporating anew. So, the newly born child possesses precisely: 3% of free Consciousness that is not engulfed within any Ego. The percentage of Essence manifesting within the child is self-consciousness.  So many of us have not been taught or heard about the years before. In ancient Egypt the female was the rightful heir to the throne, the male she chose to marry became Pharaoh. This depicts the Goddess tradition that has been suppressed and made way for a patriarchal male dominated society we see in every major denomination. This leads us away from the light of living and into the darkness of destruction. This causes the suppressing the feminine in every society and pushing the people into strictly left brain thinking the natural ability for humanity to feel earthly, cosmic, and personal energy became lost.  Insecurities are the results of living in the past or future where only our left-brain mind-ego operates. It leads us to constantly chase the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow. But happiness doesn’t come from any capitalist-competitor view of success. Happiness is a feeling derived from one of two emotions human can feel. Here it’s the vibration of love coming from within a person our other base emotion is fear.

Scientifically this is explained because at the core of the earth lies a molten iron crystal that resonates at approximately 7 hertz, and by energy vortexes all over the earth where electromagnetic energy emanates. We can also see several vile vortices that exists surrounding the equator, where strange anomalies occur often. The intangible parts of our existence such as emotions form a part of the true reality of higher consciousness. If emotions are part of a realm that we cannot experience with our five senses, then how is it that we are all aware of our emotions? What most people believe to be emotions are not truly emotion itself. What we are experiencing is just the physical manifestation of these emotions.

It has been shown that our emotions have a vibratory frequency to them and that there are only two emotions that humankind experience: fear and love. All other emotions branch either directly or indirectly branch from these two emotions. It has also been found that fear has a long and slow vibrational frequency to it and love has a rapid and high frequency.

This is precisely what’s happening to our earth and to humanity. There are 64 possible codes of amino acids in our DNA structure made from 4 elements are carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. By any means of logic, we should have all 64 codes activated within our DNA structure, yet we presently only have 20. The switch that turns these DNA codes off and on is emotion.

Since both of our hemispheres work together to generate our perception of reality on a moment-by-moment basis, we are exercising our right mind all the time. Once you learn to recognize the subtle feelings (and physiology) running through your body when you are connected to the circuitry of the present moment, you can then train yourself to reactivate that circuitry on demand.

Written by: Dr Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer GM