The Connection We Are
Dr Paul W Dyer teaching the balance and process in the body

The connection we don’t see or understand could be and probably the reason and the causes of the continued blockage that is in your way. As humans, a life force in this universe we have natural and forge blockage that we must get through. As in the Art of War know thy enemy and then Know Thy Self.  

Our individual internal operating systems and how the wiring makes sense of us. Many have never been taught how we are connected and wiring signals from the body connect into the brain, and this is how brain circuitry manages us in that more global integrative way. And the goal of this understanding is for us to have, a fulfilling embodiment, have a healthy system running inside, and to be able to live a whole loving life. To learn how to listen and develop the internal connection takes education and training and after all of that, it takes a practice with patience.  

Our emotions or self-awareness or truth, and our stories navigate the world from connections to perceptions. We have only seen what we did not know or taught. Learning how to develop a connection will help you transitions from one moment to another.

interoceptive pathway opening that you invite to life by your simple breath.  What we know here today is that these signals are illuminating our healthy systems and our healthy function.

As I have studied the living systems that was noticed back in 1906 by scientist. The brain stem is the oldest and innermost region of the brain. It’s designed to control the most basic functions of life, including breathing, attention, and motor response. Once motions are started a reception signals the body signals arising from your organs, your heart, your lungs, but what you may or may not have learned is that we are also processing chemosensory pathways in the blood and somatosensory pathways from the skin. It’s more than just your organ system talking. Systems are always talking through the central nervous system to the brain, cardiovascular, your respiratory system, your gastrointestinal, your genital urinary tract, your nociceptive pathways, have your thermos regulation your endocrine hormone system and your immune systems as well as your effect of touch proprioceptive inputs. This is our multi-dimensional signal processor. And just as we are learning is that our spinal cord circuitry is genetically organized in those dorsal horn circuits. Our visceral receptors through our vagus nerve are genetically coded as well. So, this is about much more than your famous Vagus, but we’re going to start with that system since it is a primary driver of our body brain function. The body brain connection through this vagus nerve, the signals that that nerve generates receives are coded by three key features. your vagus nerve components are monitoring Which organ the signal is coming from, the layer in the organ, the signals coming from and what the stimulus is. And this is genetically programmed in and functions in that intricate way. So, think about it the three layers it’s functioning like the stomach, the stomach has different tissue layers, it has the surface connective tissue layer, the muscular layer, and the innermost mucosal layer.

These are just a brief kaleidoscope of how body and brain is an interwoven system that is connected through the chemistry of thought and the science of the evolution of the body. The simplest way to say it is all things has a cause and effect. 

Please take the time to understand the connection you are to all and to self through these connections. Understanding these things will and can increase your spiritual self, your physical self and most important you

Written by: Dr Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer GM