The Erosion

Nature has great way of teaching us the balance of life. since the beginning when man first look to the stars and the sun and for guidance and realize what is above so as in below. All of nature has been our great teachers from the past to the presence and even into the future.

I am writing this from a young black man’s point of view, ok maybe from a black man view that has serve this earth thus far for 54 years now. There is a specific reason as to why I am mentioning this, and I hopes you will be able to connect the dots. Post-Vietnam the Black America drum song was work hard and you shall be accepted as an equal human being. Let me be crystal clear what hard work means. Hard work meaning was to thrive in these areas of education, blue collar work, government, military, corporate business structure, and even political arenas. In all these area Black America rose and climbed to the highest form.

I am sure you might even be able to think of some other areas and there are many, but I specifically did not mention sports and music because White America has always conceded that Niggers can run and have rhythm. This was never going to make them equal, but it was the reason why White America kept negros as pets and slaves was because of their athletic and musically capabilities.

Today I saw a large tree that was laying on the ground. Yes, I did have some speculation as to why it was on its side. It was so massive. As I stood there crying because this big, larger life force was now in a different state then what we as humans consider to be not so normal condition. As I was there sharing this area a thought hit me like a meteor. We grow in an environment that was never built for us, but we can grow to be a strong immovable force for years and years and we may even have a since of belonging and acceptance, but all along the ground is changing and eroding under our own roots. This process causes us to shift and change. Unless we are flexible, we will soon be uprooted by a change in our illusioned environment.

These action that happens in nature and life is measured in science as phase conjugation. The universe has a measurable rhythm on the science plank scale. As things change and alter there is still a positive charge in motion. Like this tree that appeared to be uprooted and destroyed from erosion it was able to create a new way of living and carrying on its mission to serve the universe. We as humans often feel that our roots have been destroyed by these forces and what it is really doing is giving you an opportunity to convert exchange and grow stronger without the need of environmental acceptance and approval.

So often Black America is so busy being tormented and destroyed by past seasons and storms that their internal balance is traumatized and broken. Nature has taught us to keep moving with the almighty creator.  To be able to keep moving is a positive and negative balance charge. As above so below the creator shall have its balance within you so you can be able to be strong externally. You shall always have the ability to continue to serve the almighty, but first you must remember you are a force not a season.

written by: Dr . Paul W Dyer

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