Jenny Delacruz, award-winning author, releases second book about Haiti

“For many, the nation of Haiti has been associated with natural disasters and political unrest, but it’s important to learn the history of Haiti from various perspectives,” says author Jenny Delacruz.

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In her graphic comic book geared towards children ages 7-12, Friday Stories Learning About Haiti 2, Jenny gives both children and adults a glimpse of the Haitian people and cultural heritage in a way that they will appreciate and remember. There you’ll find Haiti’s often ignored origins and cultural impact, including the fight for independence and the struggles afterward. The story is written in a way that celebrates Haiti’s unique culture and diverse heritage.

Jenny’s company, Cobbs Creek Publishing, also offers a therapeutic pandemic support book, Mama Can I Sleep With You Tonight? geared toward children ages 3-7, that address the changes that children grapple with in light of the pandemic. This resource is available in English, Spanish, and French. Toward the end of the story, there are tips for parents and educators on how to talk to children about grief and transitions in the age of the coronavirus.

Jenny Delacruz is an award-winning Haitian-American author and the CEO of Cobbs Creek Publishing. She has a background in counseling and social work and she also minored in African & African American Studies. She understands how children find meaning about themselves and the world around them through what they read. She creates books that help children fall in love with world history and process current events. Her desire to have the freedom to create unique books led her to start this publishing company and write children’s books.