The Campsite

This summer we as in not only me but a collaboration of hearts and minds to develop a place where a child can be safe, free, and develop. This is being done at Patuxent Riverkeeper. To read more of the program go to the website http://paxriverkeeper.org.

After years of studying the sciences of the brain, I hope to help us all move forward without trauma, fear, and emotional sickness weighing us down. What I have learned is that parts of the Prefrontal Cortex have an abundance of connections to the sensory areas, one of which is made up mostly of emotions as well as motivations. Another region is a makeup of negative emotions as well as reactions. Our Amygdala is well known for harboring an influence over a multitude of emotions including but not limited to fear. I have also learned a large array of ways to not only cope with but overcome these chemical reactions and I wish to share them with as many people as possible. What better place to start than with our kids?

Here at our camp, we teach hope as well as give a promise to the next generation that we can do better as individuals, and as a community. We were taught to believe that our education system would do it for us, but we must do it for ourselves. We already know that the education system is failing, and it is hurting our communities. We believe, but faith alone is not enough. We must fight oppression, block obsession, and stop blaming so that we may teach our children to forgive, stand up, and heal. We must not let religion, race, and social status separate our communities. The Camp Sight I am referring to is a sight to see. We find ourselves, the individual. We hear ourselves, the individual. Though, in society, we see so many marginalized, we can allow the human light to shine bright.

We are fighting for a better way. A way out of the fear that is orchestrated by others. Communities become ill from poor neighborhood conditions and limited labor markets for the colored communities. As a direct result, we fight, riot, and hurt each other.  For decades we have had laws in place that have undermined, economically deprived, socially scorned, and directly shown hatred towards our communities because of their religion, race, and way of life. These negatives bleed our communities and bring sickness, this camp is a place to learn, heal, and recover. This camp is a place for opportunity.

Teach them How To Find There Way. Not Your Way

With life consistently pulling you to and from, we do not ask for, but provide to. We have instituted rules for the few while excluding the many in this failing system and society that continues to break our communities. We need to be done and have developed an expectation that this will become a partnership. We have fought against the bullies and won our rights. Those bullies do not exist within this camp. This camp will open doors we may have been blinded of or blocked from in the past. It is an opportunity for hope to many who may be unfamiliar. If we are to be a society that loves, accepts, and forgives, we will need to start somewhere. Let us start by seeing another not for what you perceived them to be, but for what they are. That sickness can be controlled. It can be cured. Our cure is love and understanding. The steps are to continue moving forward and to have hope. This camp will provide a hope that can help a community become their individual.  This camp will then help the individual learn to fight as a community.

Written by: Dr. Paul W Dyer

Dr. Paul W Dyer