Scarlet Ravin: Unconditional Love & Playful Delight

Please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

I am an alchemist first and foremost which means I am fully aware of my illuminated power, which led me to the vision I am going to share with you today.  When I began to dance with who I really am which is an unlimited potential in a skin suit I began to walk the path back to my full remembrance.  Each moment in my life is another opportunity for a greater awakening and the Spirit of Psilocybin saw that.

I have sat with myself, all of myself and loved it all up to transmute my trauma’s and the trauma’s of the world back to the light from which they came.  That is my pathway in this life, to awaken my full potential with the prayer that I give other’s permission to do the same.  The world used to teach us to be small and scared, but now we are breaking free from these mental chains and remembering who we really are….

I started White Fox Medicinals www.whitefoxmedicinals.com to have a medicinal platform to share with other’s and show them the way back to remembrance.  Some beings still need help with the physical body so that’s what I do for them with White Fox.  I channel formulas from the stars and put them into a bottle to bring about great change and awakenings through herbal alchemy.

What I really want to share with you today is my new book, Psilocybin Transmissions- Psilocybin’s love wisdom to Illuminate our planet.  I had a vision from the Spirit of Psilocybin and they spoke to me about why they are here and what they want me to write.

I gave them all of me and what came through for the world was wisdom that leads to a Revolution in LOVE.

Psilocybin Transmissions by Scarlet Ravin

Scarlet, what should we know? What do you do best? What sets you apart from others?

  1. I am a channel and Alchemist, I can see, hear and interact with the unseen worlds that are always speaking to us all and my subtle energy awareness is fine tuned.  I simultaneously live in this world along with the 3D world that most see with their human eyes.  I live in a beautiful dance of the seen and unseen and bring back wisdom from my home star system to then share with humans here on Earth to help birth the Great Awakening happening now on our planet.  I teach other’s through coaching sessions and I also offer healing sessions to hold space for other’s to release what no longer serves them and show them new ways of seeing that is more in alignment with their greatest selves.

I hold space for un-programming along with give guidance as to what is available to them right now for healing and transformation.  This allows humans to heal their trauma’s and release the density within them so they to an be sensitive and aware of the unseen realms and begin to cultivate this magic for themselves and other’s.

My world is a space of NO JUDGEMENT, unconditional love and playful delight.

What is “failure” and “success” for you?

There is no failure in my world, only opportunities for transformation.  Success is when I fully stand in my light in the face of every moment in time.

We’d love to hear more about your work.

My work is a platform for transformation, I do youtube TV sessions and individual sessions for other’s.  It’s a light trail back to remembrance of one’s full power, that’s the space I hold for all beings who feel ready to take that next step in their evolutionary process.

What excites you right now?

The new world excites me most right now, it’s being born and I live in it.  It’s a world of light and love and acceptance for all beings where we support one another, love one another and lift one another up to new heights of self expression.  I love sharing this world with other’s and their communities to free them from the fear and pain and allow them to step into this new world of abundant light and transformation.

Yeap, we are in a pandemic, BUT what’s the best thing that has happened to you this year?

  1. This year I returned to my full remembrance, it was miraculous.  That means that I was having my spiritual guide hold space for me while she guided me into a breathing practice.  I repeated this breathe with her guidance and after 14 minutes of releasing density in my body I shot out of my human body and went back to the star system from which my soul came.

I walked around this place with a great sense of awe and a sensation that I was finally home and safe and loved unconditionally.  I saw the healing methods I used there and I fully became awake of my consciousness in this star system while still being fully awake and aware of my human life here on earth.  

This has opened me up to new levels of medicine I can now share with other’s and allowed me to live from a place of compassion and unconditional love.  I feel like I live in a Bliss-Full life now and I am fully tapped into the unlimited gifts this world has to offer for my human experience.

What ONE thing would you like for our readers to take away from this feature story, about you? 

If there is one thing I would want people to take away from reading this is that they to can be a free soul to live in LOVE now, they to can awaken fully.  It’s not just for some it’s for all and when you unplug from the news and social media channels and plug into people like me you give yourself a platform to remember your power.  The news and social media are here to program you to what they want you to feel and it’s on your to unplug and get back to nature to feel who YOU really are outside of those platforms.  This is the space you will awaken in.  

How can our readers connect with you?

    Email Address: scarlet@scarletravin.com

    Website: www.scarletravin.com

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scarletravin

    Twitter: @scarletravin

    IG: @scarletravin


    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scarlet-ravin-9a911132/