Music Artist Trevon Marcel Launches Mental Health PSA

Music Artist Trevon Marcel Launches Mental Health PSA

Trevon Marcel, hip hop artist and song writer, has launched a Stigma of Mental Health PSA. This PSA is Part 1 of a series of PSA’s that he plans on releasing.

Trevon states, “Maintaining as a music artist and balancing my Mental Health has been challenging … but myself and a few others have managed to fight the battle well. Their are many others that still have no clue. That’s why this is important to me.”

When ask by producers what did Trevon want on his Green Screen of the PSA, he stated, “Let’s leave it as it is…Green is the awareness color of Mental Health.” In the past Trevon’s hair had green highlights bring an awareness of Mental Health.

The first week of Oct is Mental Health Awareness Week.

Travon Marcel is a Partner and Headlining Music Artist of SOA Band Camp. For more info visit: https://www.soathebandcamp.com/

IG: @TrevonMarcelSOA