Love has Power to the Creator

Our civilization is out of balance, and it all starts with our God image, (God, a.k.a. the creator, the field of intention, the universal super consciousness, the matrix of all matter, divine intelligence). We have overlooked God’s other half, the Chief Goddess energy, and the healing and transformative power of heavenly Mother. Our reductionist hyper-rational thinking has trapped us into a limited awareness that our ‘3D” reality is the sum of all creation. That the hard animate matter we see, sense, touch, and feel with our countless senses is all that exists. Science is revealing, however, that matter does not arise from hard animate building blocks or particles of anything solid at all. In fact, at the finest, most minute measurable level of reality, we find that the opposite is true.                                                                                Atoms are 99.99% empty space, and recent theories of Quantum physics describe a “field of infinite possibility” from which all matter arises. This energy field has even been described as responsive to the intentions of the observer and reacts whenever we try to analyze it. This implies that the underlying fabric of the universe could well be formed by an all-pervasive consciousness. Analyzing this idea further, it seems that the “something” of matter emanates from nothing.             Quantum physical theory puts forth a mathematical analysis which implies there is a “something” to the nothing, in that there are hidden dimensions beyond this one that affect the formation and creation of our “3D” reality. Quantum Super String theory also assumes that there are 11 dimensions of reality in total, and part of these exist beyond our 3-dimensional world, space, and time. However, we should not limit ourselves to a scientific perspective as spiritual thought assumes that the human soul comes from and returns to higher, non-physical realms. Could these be the same as the hidden dimensions theorized by Quantum Physics?

Regarding the formation of our 3D reality, the description of matter springing from an energy field recalls the idea of the aforementioned chief goddess. Therefore, the scientifically described field of infinite possibility is really the spiritual concept of the chief goddess Herself. Once we realize the dual aspect of creational source energy, we can then connect to the God and Goddess energy within ourselves.

In terms of polarity, Shiva (God energy) emanates from Shakti (Goddess energy) and can take no action without the vibrational essence of both. This is because the Shakti force sustains Shiva, and in turn, the causative force of action and manifestation. The rhythm of life is the interplay between these two archetypal energies. These gender states are necessary for our experience of duality, but in our modern world, this balance has been disrupted, our society has become too left brained and too rational. Our female nature, which is expressed through the right brain, understands beingness, or the way things are. It intuitively knows there is more to reality than we can experience with the commonly referred five senses but rather with all of them.

When our rational being is balanced with the reality of this feminine awareness of the non-corporeal hidden realms, we become more peaceful, more optimistic, and more hopeful as we realize that a benevolent higher power can assist us here in the world of matter. The first step is to realize, when we experience challenges, that there are no absolutes (all bad or all good). It’s more about just believing in good energy, meditating, and living it, to the point where our vibration becomes so positive that good things just start flowing into our lives. In truth, the base level of reality is inert, and that we summon good energy with a vibration of love and bad energy with a vibration of fear. Simply put, we possess free will, the power to do. We must also remember, however, that we have the power to just “be”. Beingness is a vibrational state that attracts or creates events and possibilities in our environment.


The female mind naturally seeks a universal, interconnected experience, which yields us an awareness of our oneness with each other and all creation. The divine feminine is what feeds the possibilities of love, light, creativity, ideas, inspiration, synchronicities, and sometimes even miracles into the physical world through the ethers. We need to remember that we can draw down the energy of divine love, the fabric of heaven, into our sacred heart space, to transform ourselves and the world. Heaven returns to earth as soon as we allow it, as soon as we embrace the divine love or Quantum Love of heavenly mother and find her within ourselves.

Written By: Dr Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer