IS Your Head Down ?

I enjoy the world we live in. What I do to help people is research this means more then just studying books, but I watch people and talk to them and ask them questions. I learn so much from others and nature. We are here to notify and help others live to the fullest. I hope this poem will give you some insight to yourself and maybe ask the questions. To inquire is to reach into the pockets of the mind and create greatness. To not ask questions means you are corralled by social and society norms meaning you are a slave.

Find Your Peace

The Poem:

To Lift Your Head:

When you look down through your chest, do you know what that means?

Sometimes it appears to yourself that you are looking down,

 But you are really looking through your chest at a memory or a hope you wish to forget

Or to help your account and remember an outcome that has not happened yet

And question if it could ever happen.

These are different then dreams and prayers.

This is an anchor of trauma and disappear that is hiding inside your chest buried underneath an Environment of construction.

Your eyes become the shovel of acceptance

And your tears are the tillers of the past.

You have planted hope and use the dirt of memory

 To never harvest a thing. 

So, when you see a head down in sadness this is the action of a

 Forgive-less-ness farmer. 

Written by: Dr. Paul W Dyer

This powerful poem speaks to the heart of sadness of the past, it’s impact and grief, as well as an undertone of hope that we all need to hear. The beautiful visual brings the words to life. This is what poetry can bring to a healing mind and soul. Words have the power to unlock what is subconscious within us and bring it to the surface. Poetry can serve as an outlet for transforming pain into purpose. We can write ourselves out of darkness and illuminate human potential. When we put words to what is inside us, we validate our lived experience- saying that our feelings are mentionable and manageable. By accepting what we’ve been through, we accept that we can heal from it- one word at a time.  Critique by Katie Moran who is An Author, advocate, poet, creativity coach, and social entrepreneur.  Katie can be reached https://linktr.ee/thekatiemoran and https://equanimityboutique.com/collections/all .

Katie Moran