Formerly Homeless Millionaire James Hunt Teaches Young Black Men How to “Hunt” for Success

James Hunt, “The Celebrity Credit Guru” is known nationally for addressing the credit and financial issues of America’s biggest celebrities like Akon, Usher, Taraji P. Henson, Larenz Tate, Tiny Harris, Tank and Shaq. However, the multi-millionaire business owner and author also has a penchant for developing young black men into successful entrepreneurs. Now, he is taking it a step further with his new company, The Hunt.

“Becoming successful requires a certain mindset and unwavering focus”. James Hunt “The Celebrity Credit Guru”(pictured seating).

Eight years ago, Hunt was homeless, often walking through the upscale Buckhead community of Atlanta imagining that he would one day drive one of the Bentleys or Range Rovers that passed him by. Those visions have become a reality, and he credits that to his vision and unrelenting pursuit of success.

The Hunt, inspired by my last name, is about targeting what it is that you want with a laser focus and stopping at nothing in order to get it,” Hunt said. “It is my new company, which includes a master class on YouTube for entrepreneurs. I think that so often we are encouraging people to be entrepreneurs, but no one ever teaches you how to hunt and how to properly go after what you want. Regardless of the circumstances you are from, it is possible to live the life of your dreams.”

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Through Hunt’s credit and financial concierge company based in Atlanta, GA, he elevated himself from a life of homelessness by becoming the go-to person in the credit repair industry. Over the last seven years, he has done the same for his employees and mentees. All young, black and mostly in their twenties, some of them were homeless or just lacked direction – only to work with Hunt and eventually launch their own six-figure businesses, with new apartments, homes and excellent credit. He is currently grooming the next group of business owners.

“Becoming successful requires a certain mindset and unwavering focus. There are various techniques to hunting down success,” he said. “I teach things like strategy, knowing how to approach clients, knowing when to pull the trigger, knowing when to lay and wait for your “prey”… knowing when to make your move and when to actually be silent. Many of our young black men aspire to live a luxury lifestyle, but no one teaches them how to actually achieve it. That is what I am doing with The Hunt.”

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Hunt states that it is easy to identify why most entrepreneurs fail as opposed to those who succeed. Aside from the lack of discipline and drive, here are some other reasons he mentioned:  

–       Giving up too early. Many entrepreneurs quit right before they are about to experience a breakthrough. You have to weather the storm, sometimes multiple storms.

–      Failure to prepare. You can’t survive if you do not do your research. How well do you understand your business? What do you offer that separates you from your competition and makes customers want to go to you? If you can’t figure that out, you will not succeed.

–       Lack of patience. Hunting means that sometimes you have to lay and wait. You can’t always move before it is time or you may spook your prey. In other words, you may turn potential customers off and ruin your opportunity.

–       Telling your business. A good hunter understands the value of keeping quiet so your prey is not alerted to what you are doing. Also, you do not want critics and the competition to know when you plan on pulling the trigger. If they do, they can lay traps for you and the hunter can become the person who is hunted. 

 “When you see me haul away the prey, that is when you will know that I was hunting,” Hunt said.

For more information on James Hunt and the program, visit www.celebritycreditguru.com.

More details can be gathered on Instagram at @whoisjameshunt.

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