How To Aid A Small Business Through A Pandemic

We are thankful that President Trump and his Administration are working to provide disaster loans and further support to small business owners affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Friends of…, Supporters of…, and/or Family of Small Business owners can also help.

Here are a few ways how:

  • Buy A Gift Card For Later
  • Order Take Out From Your Favorite Local Restaurant
  • Schedule A Service For Later/Commit To Future Work
  • Shop Local Online
  • Share With Your Followers How You Are Helping Local Businesses
  • Skip The Refund And Take A Rain Check
  • Like And Share On Social
  • Write An Online Review
  • Tell The Business That You Appreciate Their work

The U.S. Economy sits on the shoulders of small businesses.

We at inCity Magazine want to help.

inCity Magazine and Christopher Thomas (Branding/Marketing Consultant) have teamed up to buy $1.5 Million in advertisement and donating it to businesses. For more information, simply email info (at) inMMGroup.com for more details.

About Christopher Thomas

Christopher ‘The BrandMaker’ Thomas

Christopher has spent his entire career helping business leaders and executives solve complex marketing problems. His approach to business and marketing strategy consulting has significantly increased the bottom lines all of his clients.
He has been featured in Modern Luxury Magazine, RollingOut Magazine, Creative Loafing, Marketing Week, Entrepreneur, and Campaign Magazine. 

Speaking engagements have included: PRE NBA All Star’s Business Out Reach, epiConference, US Virgin Islands Economic Development, Making the Global Brand – Master Class and The Wealth With A Vision Tour.

The Founder of MedSmarter states, “Christopher is very acute and has a unique ability to see the direction where a business needs to go for long-lasting profitability. Hearing and Listening to his clients is one of his outstanding skills, in addition to seeing areas of a business that others don’t see that are opportunities for profitability. He’s nothing less than a Marketing Genius!”
Christopher has dealt with many types of business scenarios and issues.

As a victim of being bullied growing up, Christopher was forced to shift, grow and develop. Being tough with himself to have confidence, be courageous and learning to love himself. 

Because of this impactful and negative experience growing up … Christopher has made his ‘Mess his Message’ making him a valuable asset to his clients and groups that he speaks with. 

Christopher has an ability to increase business income, wealth and success of a business by looking at the situations totally differently. He uncovers undervalued potentiality unseen by his clients. This skill set has captured the attention and respect of his clients, entrepreneurs and marketing experts. Christopher’s clients range from business executives to small business owners. But they all have one thing in common – all of them have profited from Christopher’s expertise. Many of his ideas and strategies have led to millions of dollars of profit increase for his diverse clients.

Christopher has identified what limit’s and restrict business growth. He is an industry leader who shows clients that most industries only know one particular marketing approach. He teaches that there may be dozens of more effective and more profitable strategies-with lower risk, and options, available to them. Christopher takes different success concepts from different industries and adapt them to a specific business … giving his clients an advantage over their competition.

Christopher has the unique ability to see hidden assets and over looked opportunities … as a result maximizing his clients business.