Dr Paul Dyer: Present To Escape
Dr Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer Gm. 

Present To Escape:  

The simple fact is that we are afraid  of awareness. I know we are not afraid of this or that. What we are is conditioned not to face this or that. What you might  know is to face the present, but if you never allow yourself  to be present, because you’re always been  escaping from the protected mind/ brain.  We have cultivated a whole network of escapes, we are caught in the habit of escape. Now, if you are at all sensitive, at all serious, you will not only be aware of your conditioning , but the environment that creates your conditioning.  The conditions are dangerous , it results in what brutality and hatred leads to. Why then, if you see the danger of your conditioning, don’t you act? Is it because you are lazy, laziness being lack of awareness of the now self , yet you will not lack energy if you see an immediate physical danger, like a saber tooth tiger in your path. precipice or a fire? Why then don’t you act when you see the danger of your conditioning? If you saw the danger to your own security, wouldn’t you act?

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The answer is you don’t Through an intellectual process of analysis, you may see that leads to self destruction. But there is no emotional content in that. Only when there is an emotional content do you become vigorous.if you see the danger of your conditioning merely as an intellectual concept. You will never do anything about it. In seeing a danger as The mere idea there is Conflict  between the idea and action. This conflict takes to weigh on your energy.   So Seeing is acting on a level between consciousness and subconscious, Awareness and division. 

Most  of us walk through Life in attentively reacting, unthinkingly  and according to the environment in which we have been brought up and century actions genetically  create only to put you in bondage.  The moment you give your total attention To conditioning you will see that you are free from the past completely. 

The total Quality of Life Awareness When You become aware of your conditioning You will understand The whole of your consciousness. The conscious is the total field in thought  functions and relations to all that exist. All motives intentions desires pleasures is in durations longings. hopes, sorrows ,joys are in that field. But we have come to divide this thinking.  The subconscious is it real? . With all its motives, its fears It’s racial and inherited qualities. We do not have to Know  the how of subconscious. I am asking You Is there such a thing As the subconscious at all, we use that word very freely .

We have accepted That there is such a thing and all The phrases and jargon of  others so you give into the excuses , but Is there such a thing and why is it that we give such acts Extraordinary importance to it? It’s seems to me that it is as trivial And stupid as the conscious mind Narrow bigotry. conditioned, anxious and tawdry thoughts. 

So is Is it possible to be totally aware of the whole field  of consciousness and not be apart of it?  Yes  You can train and  be aware of the two polarity  then you are functioning all the time with your total attention, not partial attention. This is important to understand And because when you are being totally aware of the whole field of consciousness, there is no friction. It is only when you divide consciousness which is all thought feeling. into action into different levels that there is friction . This is why consciousness is developed around the brain and the brain hemispheres pick up the wave signal and can transmit and decode. This is transmitted in the body from our crown down the spine.

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The only way we can obstruct these action from occurring is render it block by our own divisions we construct from our physical, emotional self. Chemical and molecularly these action are waiting for you to open yourself up to God the maker of the universe. These connections have been severed by our own imprisonments. When I am In my meditated state I am open to all of signals of creation. These wave come into space we call dark matter and fill the space with energy. This action then contributes to our genetic codes that is constantly evolving. Learn the sciences of the living and stop yourself from being the walking dead.  

Written by:  Dr Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer Gm.