Defense Or Defenseless
Dr Paul W Dyer giving the are you prepared talk.

If I hear another thing about what lobbyist are doing about the gun laws, and what legislation needs to do to protect citizens. How the police are doing enough to keep citizens safe. Wake up people!!

Have you stood face to face with fear? I know many people have felt highly afraid. I am not ever going to be able to describe enough to you what being scared or afraid is because it changes for everyone. So let me tell you what fear has felt like to me. Fear, to me, is when death was holding my hand pulling me to the other side. I can only write this because I made a deal with fear. At this point in my life, my ability to embrace adapt and override my current emotional state takes training and dedication.

 This leads me to my conversation with you about your defense or lack of. Humans, more specifically, Americans have a false sense of security and defense. Here is the test question. Do you lock your doors and believe it will keep you safe? Do you believe it will protect you from home invasions? Do you lock your car and believe your car is safe? That it will be protected from thievery? I have been teaching defense and protection for over three and half decades. What I have learned and continue to learn is the correlation of peace and safety. These things take a practice, a training, and a dedication. I hear more and more of the phrase “these are dangerous times”.

 Spoiler alert: it will not get better until you are better. This includes being better trained. My first pointer is to learn to protect yourself from getting a cold. My second pointer is to learn to protect your peace. The next thing I am going to beg for you to do is find a person, school to start your four levels of training. What are the four levels: The Mind, The Spirit, The Physical, and The Emotional.

 The mind is the most important beginning because it holds the key to the beginning. The Amygdala sends signals to the hypothalamus which in turn activates the pituitary gland. This gland is where both the nervous system and hormone system meet. This initiates a process that spreads throughout the body so that it may make adjustments and take the best action. You have the science so now we must acknowledge the problem. If you are not trained in the health of yourself, you will make mistakes. These mistakes can cause the body to have increased chemical reactions that may destroy the body and lead to slow brain death.

 Yes, it is a choice for you to live in blind fear. By living like this, you will also be wearing it like a badge to the predators of this world. If that is how you choose to live, you are also choosing to put the people in your life in the same line of danger you choose to put yourself. I do hope you have help to build up your defense. If not, reach out. As a teacher myself, I live to help others grow and prepare.

Written by: Dr Paul W Dyer