Your Crippled Mind Is Stealing Your Heart

Do you see the crutches that you have been using since emancipation? Do you see the coat of anger you have been wearing since reconstruction? Do you see the disease that you carry across the ocean since the trans-Atlantic journey?

Many beliefs which collapse under scrutiny may nevertheless persist indefinitely when they are not scrutinized, and especially when skilled advocates are able to perpetuate those beliefs by forestalling scrutiny through appeals to emotions or interests.

Under the microscope of miss informed to miss perception. There is pride in Glory and Grace, but if only there is service to freedom for all and not one. If you only have Grace and Glory for self, then you will have sickness and early spiritual death.  You cannot or will not give service in full until you are filled with Glory and Grace. We all have a Self-Image; this compound word, ‘Self’ and ‘Image’ is profoundly significant. Since the exterior is merely the reflection of the interior. So, if we do not respect ourselves, if the interior image of ourselves is extremely poor, if we are full of psychological defects, of moral filth, then unquestionably, unpleasant events will surge in the exterior world such as economic, social difficulties.

 Some popular fallacies of today are centuries old and were refuted centuries ago, even if they are repackaged in up-to-date rhetoric to suit current times. These ideas are pains to written laws. Its asked by the hunted the closed minded or broken hearted is their morality in the miss treatment of another life. The answer is only death of heart cannot and will not ever see heart in another life.  Stop the suffering of complaints and excuses and even valid reasons to explain the death that keeps happing to you.

The brief sampling of general fallacies is just an introduction to many more specific fallacies that are examined in more detail and tested against time or inconvenience. Oppression is real to the blind and miss lead. To stop time and being blind you must be taught the systemic colors and taste from the freedom perception. nothing can be learned from oppression only examples of truth can be seen but never understood. Resistance is the opposing force. It is the secret weapon of the Ego. It is the psychic force of the Ego opposed to us becoming Conscious of all our psychological defects. With resistance, the Ego tends to leave on a tangent and seeks excuses to silence or hide the error. Due to Resistance, dreams become difficult to interpret and the knowledge that one wants to have of oneself becomes clouded.

The idea that government intervention improves the situation is a notion which has been repeated innumerable times in many ways, but endless repetition is not a coherent argument, much less proof.  It collapses the mind into weakness and the heart into sickness. The Black America has been Corrupted from sadness and trauma. The white American have enslaved us. They exploited us. They tortured us. They tried to barbarize us and we responded with more love, more freedom, and more wounded healing. Then we came back for another 100 years of neo-slavery. We failed on that again. It looked like we were making a breakthrough. Then White America guilt tries to buy our movements back into servitude and we right back to the with drawls like a drug addict waiting on our white fix.

When we turn from political rhetoric to hard facts, we find that those facts tell a story directly opposite to what is being said in politics and in much of the media.  What we do see is adherence to systematic separation from the courts to the streets. When it comes to all things there is no equal in the human mind, and that is because the human man in a whole is separated from itself and the heart of Glory and Grace.

This is not bleak education but awaken from the overdose. Each of us is a mathematical point in space that agrees to serve as a vehicle to a determined sum of values. Some serve as vehicles to amazing values and others could serve as vehicles to mediocre values; that is why each person is each person.

This Holy Month will soon be gone from memory. Let me remind you that Easter Sunday the rejoicing of the Resurrection of Christ. Martin Luther King remembrance of assignation. Let me make this point you will die or be killed, but how will you be remembered and what will you leave behind?

Written By: Dr Paul W Dyer GM

Dr Paul W Dyer GM : Emotional Reaction Trainer