Your Adversary -Anniversary

I talk about emotion science and the education of the living sciences. I teach how we are connected through timeless genetic codes. What many fails to understand is that our bodies vibrates at healing frequencies when we are practicing and living in grace and joy. This grace and joy is celebrated when we are free. Therefore, we cheer at births and new beginnings.

For decades I have taught people how to live and fight for life. The one thing I must do for any student is train them to rebirth them a new beginning. Today is the beginning of your Anniversary.

The things that steal and corrupts your grace and joy is the action of living in fear and blindness. Blindness is not only through the eyes, but through the heart and soul. The way the heart and soul sees are through vibration and frequency. 

We seem to allow ourselves justification for increasing the size and scale of what can interfere with joy and grace. We want to yell and argue over simplistic items, but we allow our government to destroy liberty within us. The only way that the government can achieve what it perceives as good for you and I is for us to stay asleep and keep celebrating the darkness. Our government has no resources of its own with which to do so, and yet we work from January to may to give them our money without representation.

John Wooden said” “Adversity is the state in which man mostly easily becomes acquainted with himself, being especially free of admirers then.”

This is your time to be better than ever before. We have been dying and dying from spiritual death and emotional death and physical death for decades now and this Adversary has pandemic has woken you up. Everyone must free themselves from fear and ego to allow grace and joy to connect us. When we are connected, we are stronger to stand against all enemies foreign and domestic.

One of the justifications for the massive growth of government in the 21st centuries, far beyond the narrow limits envisioned by the founders of our nation, is the need to promote what the government defines as fair and just. But this begs the prior and more fundamental question: What is the legitimate role of government in a free society? Do you believe you are free? In this pandemic civilization you are being kept and kept away from your joy and grace because of fear.

We do not yet live under a tyranny, of course, But a series of steps, whether small or large, tending toward a certain destination will eventually take us there. The philosopher David Hume observed that liberty is seldom lost all at once, but rather bit by bit.

What is your choice Adversary or Anniversary?  There will be a time when you are bleeding and asking for one more chance. There will be a time when your tears will not make you feel better. I am not asking for you to wait for that time or day, I am asking you to start your training now so you will be able to decide.

“I shall not want or waste my breath to pain. I shall do what is able of me to serve humanity for You and I” Dr Paul W Dyer Grandmaster of Martial Science.

Written by Dr Paul W Dyer