Women You Have Done Enough !! Broken Men It is Time.
It Is Time

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To all the women in the world, It is not her responsibility to fix the brokenness of man.

These actions of women have far outreached any measurable marked that we could ever come up with. In American Africans history women were kept while men were sold. Women kept the family , and children together. In history men were taken, sent to war, made slaves and even sometimes worse. The global community’s history of abusing, disgracing, and treating women unequally is a blight on human history.

While progress has been made, the struggle for gender equality remains an urgent and ongoing endeavor. Broken men have not said yes enough to their own dysfunction, their disassociation and pain they have. I know from my own journey that I did not notice what I have caused until after it was gone. Once the awareness is know , it is then to begin your healing. The notion of women fixing broken men implies that men are incapable of recognizing and addressing their own issues. This not only undermines men’s agency and resilience but also perpetuates harmful stereotypes that stigmatize vulnerability and emotional expression in men.

Men have not said yes to the factors they created. This includes mental, and physical and spiritual health. Men often rely on help given , but never asked. The thoughts that women’s value lies in their ability to nurture and “fix” men, rather than in their own autonomy, ambitions, and personal growth. This antiquated notion diminishes women’s agency and detracts from their own journey of self-discovery, personal development, and pursuit of fulfillment. Broken people can’t see past their own pain. This is amplified in men . Yes there are factors and causation, but all eco systems have these values for growth and development . The factors are reasons not a faults. To get past or through any system a plan must be made and not just hoped for. The mistreatment of women can be traced back to the earliest human societies, where patriarchal norms and customs often relegated women to subservient roles.

These norms or ideas have infected the wounds of broken men and has caused complete mental sickness in the actions of broken men. Join me in saying sorry , to all the women we have wronged because of our pain. If you think this is for partners, or sexuality only it is not, it for the mothers, sisters, daughters, co-workers and the women in your abusive music, your magazines and your the characters you have them play. We men can fix this by saying yes to help, yes to our tears, yes to love, yes to asking for help.

The broken man is not a poor man , an empty man he is just a man and man can change. The psychological and emotional toll of broken men cannot be overstated. They have caused abuse, harassment, and inequality and lasting trauma, which reverberates across generations. The normalization of gender-based violence and discrimination perpetuates a culture of impunity and perpetuates harmful stereotypes and attitudes. This alone destabilizes a healthy society.

So I say thank you to The Women.

I say to all my men , you are not alone.

Written by: Dr. Paul W Dyer