What is Your Responsibility? What is The Response We Should Have?

What is your Responsibility? What is the response we should have?

My response to this question is science and love. Science is about the pursuit of knowledge and understanding through observation, experimentation, and analysis. It is a discipline that is grounded in empirical evidence and relies on the scientific method to test and refine our ideas. Through science, we have been able to better understand the natural world and to develop new technologies that have transformed our lives in countless ways. We have been able to cure diseases, extend human life, explore the universe, and harness the power of the atom. I am also a humanist, I value the dignity of human beings. It is a belief that we have the power to shape our own destiny to create a better world through our own efforts. When science and humanism are combined, they can create a powerful force for progress. By combining the rigorous methods of science with the humanistic values of compassion, empathy, and social justice, we can develop new technologies and ideas that serve the greater good. We can use science to address some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity today, from climate change and inequality to disease and poverty and education. This leads me to this most dangerous question that is attacking us as a human society, this what I am about  to say is something that is not being addressed and this disastrous virus is killing humanity slowly and that is unconscious neglect. Unconscious negligence is not intentional, but conditional. This human condition is the virus that is killing us and is the reason for a lot of self pain to community destruction. We have generations of humans from all walks of life that have not been taught about neglect , trauma and this leads to not having accountable for their actions. I know this to be self evident. I too was hard to see my own personal destruction until a person who cared enough, love me enough to say stop, but more importantly how can I help. We have turned the word being accountable into a punishment and not love. What happens to teaching others to love first and answer-ability as an action of helping the blind to see the things they don’t understand.

Something needs to be done Immediately!

We have parents/ guardians not taking the responsibility / liability of seeing and knowing the whereabouts and the education of their child or who they are legally responsible for. We have crimes being committed by children under the age of 15 years old. We are having children leaving high school reading at a 9th grade level and doing math at even a lower level grade. We are having 4thgraders who don’t know how to tie their own shoes. 

The simple blame is the parents/ guardians that are responsible. I will not fault or blame anyone who is trying , who has difficulty getting the help they need or deserve, or who just accepts help, but enough is enough. I WILL STATE THIS IN BOLD LETTERS I AM NOT FOR BIG BROTHER CONTROLLING OUR LIVES. I will say this again and again, but enough is enough. As an activist I will always be here and there for them that can not stand, but need help standing, for those who need and want the help. 

The role and size of government has been a topic of debate throughout history. Some argue that a large and powerful government is necessary to provide essential services and protect the well-being of citizens. Others believe that the government should have a limited role in people’s lives, allowing individuals to make their own choices and take responsibility for their own actions.

I think that government intervention can stifle individual freedom and creativity. When the government becomes too involved in people’s lives, it can limit their ability to make their own choices and pursue their own goals. This can lead to a lack of innovation and progress, as individuals may be less inclined to take risks and try new things. With that being said some people do not know how to make good decisions that are healthy and good for themselves and society. 

So here’s a sore point I am going to make,but I think we should hold parents/ guardians accountable for the education and the crime issue. Neglect is a serious charge that should not be levied lightly, as it can have significant consequences for both the parent and child involved. When it comes to whether neglect charges should be filed against a parent whose child is reading and doing math below grade level, the answer is not straightforward. Parents have a responsibility to ensure that their child is receiving an adequate education. If a child is consistently struggling in their studies and not making progress, it could be seen as a failure on the part of the parent to provide the necessary support and resources to help the child succeed. In such cases, neglect charges may be warranted, as it may be viewed as a form of neglect to not provide a child with the education they need to thrive. Parents need to take an active role in their child’s education, it is also important to recognize that academic struggles can have many underlying causes, and that schools also have a responsibility to provide a quality education to all students. Ultimately, the decision to file neglect charges should be made on a case-by-case basis, taking into account all the relevant factors and circumstances.

We as the government will look into the situation from a case-by-case

, but when parents/ guardians use the system to escape their responsibility this has to stop. I know when the government gets involved they are able to screw a lot up and miss judgement. We as the republic must oversee this issue. Society must take an active role in this also. There are enough news reports to describe the lack of response from the republic. 

As I said previously ,unconscious neglect needs to be addressed first and foremost. As a humanist I value social justice and community empowerment because this is the critical area, as it helps to ensure the benefits of new technologies and education that can be shared by all members of society. So we need an advocate for connections between schools, work and services before we get to the neglect charges and crime. 

I have seen young children in school sleeping and not able to take directions. My question is this, is this a child issue or a parent issue? As these children’s parents/ guardians are contacted to have a sit down to solve this problem there is no response at all. This is neglect! Should we as the government be allowed to go to your home and ask if everything is OK, I say yes. With this type of service is to help not to charge. This gives the situation the attention that is needed. If the parent does nothing this is also neglect. Don’t give me they don’t have the time. If you can take the time to lay with someone and produce a child you have just joined the ranks of responsibility. 

The solution is easy. The work is easy. What is hard is EGO. What is hard is tribalism ideology. What is hard is totalitarianism. What is hard and destructive is apathy. These things are what makes change and community hard. As this virus is killing us on a large scale, we have an opportunity to do something together about it

Dr. Paul W. Dyer
Founder of The New Village Academy
Understanding the Science of Healing https://a.co/d/04bRCtZ

Are We Masters or Are We being Mastered: We save ourselves https://a.co/d/0Tm7RP0