What has suffering cost The American cultural

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Am I part of America as American African? If you asked me when I was 10, I would say no. This was in the 70’s if you ask me in my 30’s I would say no. If you ask me now in 2023, I will also say no. My reason for saying I am not, is because there had to be laws to try to bring on equity, but you cannot legislate human condition and cognitive bias.

The way I personally had to develop myself was through love and training. The things I have done do not change cognitive bias.  Cognitive bias, known as outcome bias, refers to our tendency to judge the quality of a decision or action based on its ultimate outcome rather than evaluating the decision-making process itself. While outcome bias can provide us with a sense of closure and reinforce our beliefs, it can also lead to flawed reasoning and misjudgments.

This type or way of thinking is influential when the outcome is extreme or unexpected, as it reinforces our inclination to associate a positive outcome with a good decision and a negative outcome with a poor decision. This country has made decisions that has only made the white male rich and powerful and be damned with anyone who did not look like European white. The white man has made money on causing suffering and misery. The concept of suffering has taken on new dimensions and has, unfortunately, become commodified. Suffering has always been exploited for various purposes, ranging from entertainment and media sensationalism to political manipulation and the commercialization of personal pain. Commodification of suffering, shedding light on the potential dangers it poses to human dignity, empathy, and social progress.

The commodification of suffering refers to the transformation of suffering into a marketable entity, where it becomes a product of certain people’s suffering to be commodified for personal or collective gain. This what the white man has done throughout this country’s beginnings. This has cost so much bloodshed and destruction for the lives that did not or was not able to assimilate to the White race. When a race of people’s suffering is being reduced to a mere commodity, it devalues the lives and the experiences of individuals who endure pain, turning their struggles into objects of amusement or spectacle. This dehumanization erodes our moral responsibility to recognize and alleviate suffering, perpetuating a culture of indifference and apathy. Secondly, the commodification of suffering can foster a voyeuristic culture that thrives on the misery of others. By consuming suffering as entertainment, individuals may become desensitized to the real-life consequences of pain and loss.

This desensitization not only inhibits empathy but also jeopardizes our ability to engage in meaningful social change and collective action to address the root causes of suffering. These types of action have affected our education system and our work environments.    

Do you know what unforeseen and improbable event that has a profound impact on society and its people are called? These events, often characterized by their unpredictability and rarity, disrupt conventional thinking, challenge established norms, and generate far-reaching consequences. These events that cause a social distortion are known as The Black Swan. I mention this because actions that are not yet foreseen are the only way we are going to stop the continuous suffering of culture that is divided by hate, discrimination and the profits made by creating suffering of others.    

The action of our government and how it has chosen to govern its people has led to deaths and corruption at the highest level. The government has created black flags to hide its true intention from its people. The government has orchestrated and manipulated operations and wars for ulterior motives. Distrust in institutions and events can amplify existing distrust in institutions and authorities. This distrust has created suffering of the selected disenfranchised and has caused extremely few to flourish. These types of actions have caused a psychological sickness among people who have felt that they are being used, and for the few to gain power and money from their suffering.     Education and awareness campaigns can also play a crucial role in challenging the commodification of suffering.

By promoting critical thinking skills and media literacy, individuals can develop a discerning perspective and resist the allure of exploitative content. Furthermore, supporting organizations and initiatives that work towards alleviating suffering and addressing its underlying factors like trauma that has caused the breakdown in economics. These factors predominantly effect American Africans and lower income people most of all. Our suffering of the American Africans has been made a commodity and it has paved the way for distrust, sickness, and most of all, the feeling of never to be taken seriously.

  May we understand as a nation that this river of sickness that has been created is running throughout our country on all levels of life. It takes a community of people to help one another to be better, to do better. The feeling of loneliness will only lead to the continuation of the suffering being created for the gain of the few.

Written by: Dr. Paul W Dyer

Founder of The New Village Academy

Are We Masters or Are We being Mastered: We save ourselves https://a.co/d/0Tm7RP0