What Are You saying to Your DNA?

What Are you saying to your DNA?

We have never fully understood the properties and actions of our human system. I talk about the Martial Sciences, The Living Sciences, and The Mystical Sciences but they are all the same in understanding the connection and the practices of the human system, OR ARE THEY? I hear and read how people are trying the holistic way in different application from food to exercise. All of that is great but means diddly if you have no concept or consciousness to the actions of the great system of self.

The action of hearing causes a reaction however, what causes a disturbance in the action of balance and connection is never understanding the system.

The heart rhythm is the tool we connect with between the universe and self. The heart also plays a key role in emotional experience. As described previously, our research suggested a fundamental link between emotions and changes in the patterns of both efferent and afferent autonomic activity, as well as changes in the anatomic nervous system early reflected in changes in the heart rhythm patterns. The experience of negative emotions is reflected in more erratic or disordered heart rhythms. This indicates a less synchronized activity of brain structures that regulate parasympathetic outflow and reciprocal action between the parasympathetic and sympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system where positive emotions are associated with a highly ordered or coherent action. In turn, meaning, your body understands the cause and the causation of the action.

The pattern in the heart rhythms reflects the greater, overall, synchronization in these same systems. It is important to emphasize however, that the heart’s rhythmic beating patterns not only reflect the individual’s emotional state, but they also play a direct role in determining emotional experience. At the physiological level, afferent input from the heart is conveyed to a few subcortical regions of the brain that are involved in emotional processing including the thalamus, hypothalamus, and amygdala. Moreover, cardiac afferent input has a significant influence on the activity of these brain centers which has causes to our actions and non-actions.

The nature of human consciousness is a problem for those that have a closed off or broken heart. The actions of experiences have caused the greatest problem in human unification. So much of unification is external thoughts, but it is the internal unification that is in need of deep repair. The problem facing science and mankind for centuries is the understanding of how to heal, because it has already been worked to manipulate your emotions and actions. The neuroscience, cognitive, and physics, etc., have connected the dots to understanding. What I have come to understand is how the immaterial world of our thoughts and feelings interfaces with the material world of our body. Emotional states caused by our thoughts and feelings and the immaterial world are our outer reality that is perceived by the brain. This comes from the five organic senses triggered by chemistry and energy. Consciousness gets experience through the subtle body.

When you are in no space of understanding or lack conceptions to understanding, the navigations of the intricacies of emotional interpretation are skewed and corrupted.

There are three scientific discoveries that provide the best illustrations of quantum connections to our living science. These include wave particle duality, the uncertainty principle, and the intelligent observer paradox.

Wave particle duality – Quantum physics’ first counterintuitive discovery was nature’s mysteries, lessons of behavior, how energy can behave like matter, and matter can behave like energy. Light itself can behave like wave patterns or particles. Atoms can behave like particles or waves in recognition of the wave particle duality as it came to be called. Physicists began using the term ‘matter wave’ to describe both energy and atoms rather than specifying whether something is a particle or a wave. We can’t accurately measure all the properties of atomic scale objects at the same time. Physicists found that a measurement of anatomy could successfully reveal only one of two complementary properties with certainty. For example, you could know with certainty where an atom was positioned, or you could learn where it was going and how fast it was going there, momentum. However, you could never accurately know both position and momentum at the same time. The more you know one, the less you know the answer to the other. This dilemma is referred to as the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, the intelligent observer of paradox. This dilemma was an amazing discovery for its time in the 1920s.

The conventional biochemical model in medicine considers the body to be an amazing self-organizing and self-sustaining biochemical machine. However, according to this model, the body composed of approximately 50 trillion cells is maintained not by an invisible, interpenetrating energy, but by the brain and nervous system in close coordination with our genes. This model maintains that all bodily processes from voluntary movement to the continuous complex processes of circulation, digestion, assimilation, elimination, respiration, growth, and healing are only influenced by electrochemical signals running through our nervous system and by biochemical messengers flowing through our circulatory system. The fundamentals of self-organizing life processes are orchestrated by preprogrammed instructions coded into the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that makes up the genes found in the nucleus of our every cell. In the conventional model, the nucleus of each cell has its own functioning brain. There are 50 trillion cells working together remarkably seamlessly to keep us alive and healthy. DNA is made up of two long chains of four nucleic acids in varying sequences, guanine (G), adenine (A), thymine (T), and cytosine (C), coiling around each other to form a double helix. In my opinion, this is the action of holy greatness in which this happens. Our DNA are sequentially encoded blueprints to make complex proteins, which are the building blocks and catalysts for growing, healing, and sustaining our bodies. Varied sequences of the form nucleic acids are like the ones and zeros of a binary computer code. The varied sequences are believed to contain the information necessary to build and to know when to build all the proteins necessary to maintain the structure and functions of our bodies.

Understanding this system will help you understand how all the thoughts and emotions are triggering this action into a chemical state that starts an explosion of actions in all your cellular actions.

Once the DNA uncoils another type of molecule very similar to DNA, called messenger RNA or mRNA, begins to form aminos acid by amino acid along one strand of the exposed DNA. The result is a new chain of amino acids that exactly matches the sequence of the DNA train. Now a perfect copy of the sequence exposed by the DNA and a blueprint for a single protein, the mRNA, unzips from the DNA and exits the nucleus. Once it leaves the nucleus, the RNA is grabbed by a ribosome. Ribosomes are protein making machines. Once this is embedded in one amino acid after another in a long chain that exactly matches the sequence coded in the RNA, it can be applied to our cognitive systems.

To travel through the looking glass is to understand the brain and the mind from language and cognition. As a crucial cognitive domain, language exemplifies, more than any other, how cognition and biology are intertwined in the living sciences scheme of things. By ‘biology’, one should understand those processes necessary for the continued life of a system. Language is internal and functional to the living system that is the human being. Language is the transfer of information even if an observer understands it this way or not due to a lack of a full comprehension. Instead, as living systems within language, humans operate in a domain of reflexivity and reciprocal, consensual, everyday actions that serve to insulate their continued existence. By learning and understanding language, human beings can reflect upon their conditions of living and in so doing are able to conserve these conditions.

The energy shapes and formulates movement into structure which the RNA, DNA, language, consciousness, subconscious, actions, etc. creates a field and a vacuum. Now I don’t expect you to study these things like I have or the scientist who have and still breaking through into new theories. My intention is to inform you and introduce you into this realm more than what you see and may believe is reality. I hope to open your mind and heart to the pureness of Universe and Nature. We are part of the universe’s energy. Whether you know it or not you are creating the particles to collide and explode into an action.

Written By: Dr. Paul W. Dyer