Founder of black-owned baby shoe brand lands huge partnership.

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Despite the pandemic, Yolandra Rodgers, CEO/Creator/Founder of Tippy Tot Shoes is driven to evolve and prepare for the next normal. The twin threats to lives and livelihoods would determine how she would apply the harsh reality of survival – both personal and business. Rodgers re-evaluated the circumstances surrounding the industry to tackle the challenges most business owners were facing. She recalls thinking – “How will our consumers buy and receive their products and what will happen to our end-to-end operations?”

The obvious is that the workplace will certainly not be the same. Though she remained hopeful; grasping on to the fact she was not alone during a tumultuous time. She would now join industry leaders to discuss ways to reconstruct a space for change, collaboration, diversity, and inclusion. In a flash, the world changed – displaying a call to duty for support and unity to rebuild a shattered nation. Yet, this defining moment would bring a sense of urgency for calm by all groups, ethnicities, and professions.

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Next up, she would approach Juneteenth – whereas celebrity influencers, business constituents, family, and friends would amplify stories, culture, and community. Fast-forward, Black Lives Matter took center stage and became a focal point not only for social justice but also for commerce. Numerous brands released social media statements, created ads, and even bombarded inboxes to highlight a new meaning for social responsibility. Rodgers cited, “In contrast, our company among others made the real social change. You can see it and feel it on so many levels. Some even paused paid advertising to foster a digital space for rest and healing.”

Subsequently, the Neiman Marcus Group extended to Rodgers a wide range of support, resources, and tools to demonstrate why it is truly about commitment and community and not the “Sale”. This opportunity would allow Rodgers to become the first Black-owned toddler shoe line to land a huge partnership with Neiman Marcus & Bergdorf Goodman stores. Rodgers is elated about the relationship and the efforts to continually build and expand the brand to new consumers and new markets. More importantly, Rodgers stated, “We are both grateful for the opportunity to express how love and hope can strengthen and rebuild our communities.”

Neiman Marcus Group (NMG) has been the premier destination for luxury fashion and goods, superior service, and an elevated retail experience for more than a century. Today, the NMG is focused on fostering, Black-led businesses, and designers of brand partners (Tippy Tot Shoes) communities and organizations to advance diversity and inclusion within their business structure and top priority.

Learn more about the brand at TippyTotShoes.com

Also, find the brand online at NeimanMarcus.com and BergdorfGoodman.com

For press inquiries, contact Tippy Tot Shoes at info@tippytotshoes.com