The Slapping Of 2020

                                           The Slapping Of 2020

                            I and many other writers have always put ourselves into what we are writing about.  Recently my sister came and visit me.

Love Touches All

Since the unveiling of 2020 we were awaking with a cold slap of reality. Like so many communities and families we have lost the physical connection we thought we had, and now we know connections we may not have cherish like we could have or should have.  The awaking of 2020 travel was stopped so relationships suffered. The 2020 forced us as humans to be faced with our cracks in development of a race of people, community, and most of all ourselves. We were mentally, physically, and spiritually exposed to the faults we glazed over by work, sarcasm, and aloof actions.

I think we never fully understood our weakness in social programs, schools, job, and careers. I knew we never fully accepted the weakness in our relationships with ourselves, friends, and loved ones. What you were really slap with was your relationship with the word love.  We read and heard the descriptions of love in movies, songs and books and we have even romanticized it, but we never fully accepted what love is and what it gives as a source of life and energy.

I am so glad for my practice, my belief, my faith, and my training because it has kept me alive.  The Living Sciences gives me an opportunity to open a protective area, so I can feel my sadness, so I can feel my sickness, so I can feel my growth. Through all actions of feeling is the response to the seeds you will either cultivate or destroy.

 Come say it with me “I will not allow my miss information of my internal interpretations to conclude forgotten feelings into the emotional chaos controlled by external environments” Say that over and over. The simple way to understand this is to not think what you know is all there is to be known. Your constructs of what was given to you, or what you have developed in surviving skills will keep you or give you happiness. But I have learned that it is all part of the process. It is rough. It is messy. It is uncomfortable. You are not going to always be at your best. 

Most importantly, you will have to leave your comfort zone over and over again.  The sooner you learn how to overcome your inner fear of lost truths and to invest in yourself and in your living the faster you are going to see the results you have been searching for.

one morning I was awakened by an emotional explosion of feelings about my sister visiting. I was sitting and drinking a coffee and started crying and filling up with love for all things. Love of one opens you love to all. This is the power of what love is and has been since the beginning of man. 

I sat and wrote this poem.

                                                           My Sister and God:

I never knew how much was taken from me until you gave her back to me.

I left mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically I thought that it was meant to be. 

I ask, I cried, I thought there was no rest for me and all along you were forcing me to see.

The life, the danger, my fault, my anger.

I tried to apologize you said, “No need to my son I was always on your side”.

I see her, I touch her and what I was preparing you for was Glory along.

I was healing, I was dealing, what I felt I was, I did not belong.

So now and then and all this time it is a win, cause now you see the man I am, the man you both always knew I could be.

There are so many broken men like me, now it is my time to help the others to see, not that there are broken but what you want them to be.

I think, I will, I shall, I can all thanks to my sister and God and Me.

                                       Written by: ME.

Since we have been slapped in 2020 about all the in-justice. We know have only one real choice and that is to change what we are doing. There is plenty of time to complain and to point a finger. Get into a committee or start one but start to change what needs to be changed. Seek help for your mental, your physical, and your Spiritual health. As one year ends and another begins, I feel the energy of life all around.  The undeniable forces that draw those away and others closer, present the connections that have always circled around the universe unrecognized.  The sense of familiarity and home are not just physical locations, but the movement of energy between people.  Time is relevant and should not be taken for granted.  We, as humans, must embrace the signs in front of us.  It is these signs that lead us to our destiny.  The language of love and hope abound. 

As the petals of one flower wilt and shed, new growth begins.

Only to recognize that the seeds of new growth were planted long ago and are perennial, flourishing grander each season.

Written By: Dr. Paul W Dyer GM.

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