The Critical Crisis In Black Evolution

I do the research for the community, for my community of human beings so I can quantify the understanding to help teach and save lives. The Community of Black America is sick, and it is a crisis in the mind,

the body, and the spirit. (The connection to all things). The health of the Black Community has been corrupted and controlled throughout its evolution.

There is no doubt or argument that we are evolving. This is the natural process of evolution of life, but the way and which the Black Community mind is evolving has argument and corruption. The evolution and development of adaptations results from the gradual selection of traits that enable humans to acquire and maintain resources needed for survival and reproduction. The mind also can seek and create life with hope and happiness through frontal lobe development.

What is not looked at by the creatures/ humans that are evolving is the creation of the control group in the way it will or need to evolve. The individual, regional, and global violence are rooted in our adaptations to seek, acquire, maintain, and utilize limited resources, regardless of whether such adaptations are currently successful at doing so.

What determines growth has more to do with development from the creative side of the brain then from the development of the survival part of the brain. We know that resources can be controlled, and we know that environments can be controlled. What can surprise any limitations on both is frontal lobed development and brain hemispheric

exchanges. Research shows that adolescent brain development depends on experiences and opportunities to build relationships, exercise autonomy, take risks, and grow in a supportive environment. For youth of color, normal risk taking may be inhibited by fear of repercussions and more often criminalized. These steps, or the lack of, crushes brain evolving in a healthy direction of hope.

The more children are exposed to traumatic stress, the more neural connections are created in regions of the amygdala part of brain involving fear, anxiety, impulsiveness, and underproduction of the prefrontal cortex regions involving reasoning, planning, and behavior control. Ongoing exposure can also lead to a chronic “wear and tear” effect on multiple organ systems that lead to long-term behavioral and physiological disorders such as depression, drug abuse, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or stroke and many more.

Research on emotional effects of unilateral injuries has suggested that the hemispheres may be specialized not just for the kind of emotion but for its valence, positive or negative. Research issues and methods in this area are still at an early stage of development, yet it seems clear that further research on the lateralization of emotion should reveal how emotional processes are at one level dependent on basic neurophysiological activation processes and at another level intrinsic to the differential forms of conceptualization of the two cerebral hemispheres. These hemispheres of development can be controlled by external constructions or systematic interactions.

For example:

1. Violence

2. Dirty environment

3. Food

4. Housing

5. Transportation

6. Decaying school

7. Liquor stores

However, violence is not the only strategy employed by humans to acquire resources; cooperation, reciprocity, and social bonding are behaviors that likewise may prove useful in this endeavor. I speculate about how individual adaptations and their byproducts may interact with the transformation of other individuals as well as societal and cultural phenomena, both violently and peaceful. These causes the brain to evolve in a certain way. When we study and look at the self in the brain, it has been the goal of consciousness research for centuries. Recently, there has been an increase in attention to the localization of the self. In the work I have done, I have noticed that humans suffering from a loss of self in an attempt to understand the neural connections of consciousness. Focusing on DMS (Delusional Misidentification Syndrome), we find that frontal regions, as well as the right hemisphere appear to play a significant role in DMS and DMS related disorders. This data is placed in the context of neuroimaging findings. I have now understood that the development of DMS comes from the brain not being able to develop. People can become delusional because there is no hope. When cortisol is pumping at a high rate in the humans brain it will kill brain cells and connections.

If we work on ourselves and learn for the process of learning, our communities can begin to heal. We must start by reaching an understanding that the construction of evolution within our own brain can only aid in our transformation.

Written by: Dr. Paul W Dyer GM

Dr Paul W Dyer Painting