The Connection We have missed

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As we have for many centuries is to understand ourselves and the relationship to others and the universe. I have surmised that our relationship is all equal even through different theories that have been introduced. There are vast ideas and concepts, I am going to give you the connection of a few. Until we fully understand what, who, where, and how we are we will continue to shoot, maim and hurt one another whether it be intentional or accident. The field of electromagnetism has been pivotal in our understanding of the fundamental forces governing the universe. You have Murphy’s Law which states “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong,” encapsulates the inevitability of negative outcomes or mishaps. This law suggests that if there is a possibility for something to go awry, it is highly likely to happen. Then you have Gilbert’s Law which finds relevance in psychology, self-awareness, and understanding individual biases.

It underscores the importance of acknowledging external factors and embracing humility when evaluating personal accomplishments. If we just take these three and cross them and entangle them, we will understand that our development of consciousness and chemical brain development plays a crucial role and the outcome of these behaviors and internal actions. We are conductors and transmitters from our own internal field. We get this process because our bodies are formed. The relationship between the electric field and its sources. We are a source; this is important to understand. The electric flux through a closed surface is proportional to the electric charge enclosed within that surface. In essence, it asserts that the electric field lines originate from positive electric charges and terminate on negative charges. When we produce a negative charge, you are conducting what Murphy’s law is talking about. We are not choosing because we did not know the production we are producing, so our choices are creating a negative outcome in an unconscious state where we give an external negative action. This is how the magnetic field.

The electromotive force (EMF) in a circuit is proportional to the rate of change of the magnetic flux passing through the circuit. This law forms the basis for the functioning of electric generators and transformers, providing a profound understanding of the interplay between magnetic fields and electric currents. Murphy’s Law extends beyond engineering. It has permeated various aspects of life, and personal experiences. It serves as a reminder to anticipate potential problems and take precautions to mitigate their impact. We can only understand factors when we understand multiple variables, not just outcomes. As in Gilbert’s Law, where he noticed that successful individuals often overestimated their personal qualities as the primary driver of their accomplishments. This law highlights the human tendency to overlook the role of chance, timing, and other situational factors that contribute to their achievements. When two or more particles associate to become an object, space is created to supply the necessary relationship. In other words, we have two particles and enough “space” to allow those two particles to interact. If we now create a third particle, more space may be needed to allow the new set of relationships. Space is created “on demand” when more particles are created, but it is also altered when any two particles change the relationship between them. Since all particles are conscious, they respond to consciousness. Therefore, it is literally true that a conscious being affects the space he or she is moving through, for by conscious intent, a being may change the relationship between particles.

Let me help you start to draw the cross section of lines between these three. What we are, we produce and contribute to actions that change the field and circuits of actionable things. To minimize what we don’t understand will only lead to chance not choice. When the outcome happens, whether positive or negative, we must then deal with a result. To do things this way is like chasing a tail to lead the way of the head. There are many other ways to achieve the practice of mental peace in everyday life. For example, spending time in nature, practicing mindfulness, and engaging in creative activities such as painting or writing can all help to cultivate a sense of calm and inner harmony. Furthermore, I believe that emotions are not solely a product of neural activity but are influenced by a complex interplay of physiological and environmental factors.

Given that vacuum fluctuations are an inherent feature of the fabric of space itself, it is plausible to assume that they could influence the intricate systems underlying emotions. fluctuations are found to have a discernible impact on our emotions, their implications for humanity could be far-reaching. Firstly, it would challenge the traditional view of emotions as purely subjective experiences, highlighting the potential role of fundamental physics in shaping our inner lives. This realization would not only expand our understanding of human nature but also foster interdisciplinary collaborations between physicists and psychologists. “We can do better when we understand better.”

Written by: Dr. Paul W Dyer

Dr. Paul W. Dyer