The Clapping Has Silenced Our Drums
It Is Time To Rise

In the process of development, we have continued and enhanced our own deconstruction and continuous construction of our own Minstrel shows. Know your history and understand the story you have been beaten to play. You are the character in the captor’s play.

Let me take you back to the begging of the slave that is built inside you and the beginning of how it started. One day on the plantation a nigger gal or boy was notice by the white captors that their beast was talented and could sing, dance, play their instruments and songs. This brought glory and pride to Mr. and Mrs. Captor. This allowed them to show off their Niggras as well trained and assimilated animals. This action produced the clapping of approval. There clap was the sound of you being beaten emotionally and deconstructed spiritually.

One day before the forced travel and incarceration there was dance, music, celebration, praise that many people of the sun would do. There were drums and community, their were singing and voices pushed to the sun and the stars. This life force was developing the spirit of one another and the community flourished. The drum the dance was the heart of the people of the sun.

The drum would soon be replaced by the assimilation and the clapping of approval. The clapping would ring into the slave’s body of defeat and survival not, joy. Have you ever seen an ox pull a wagon, if so, did you feel the need to clap and cheer? Have you seen a horse pull a wagon, did you feel the need to clap as it passed you by? I hope you are understanding my correlation.

Captives would use this talent to keep from being beaten and working in the field and possible even traveling with the Master. These talents did not stop the raping of the Nigga Gal, it did not stop Nigga boy from knowing his mother was being rapped, or sister from being used by white men to broker a deal.  The clapping from Mr. and Mrs. White Approval gave the beast a hope of one day approval. Every time a clap is heard it is not the beat of the heart it is the construction of assimilated Negro.

As you listen to your music and enjoy the talented Black American ask yourself this, is it the assimilated survival negro seeking approval to keep surviving? or is it the joys celebrated voices of the people of the Sun?

Many Black Americans don’t fully know that they are in a Minstrel show. The reason is your trauma keeps you saying phrases like, I am getting mine, my words don’t matter, I am getting paid, and my actions hurt no one. Words I even type right now are not my words, it was the language given to me. No what is inside you and know what has created you and know that you can deconstructed yourself to create the glory that was taken away from you. The experience you go through should not create the reality you a begging to keep surviving in. learn to live with complete love and in the creator, not live in captivity taught by your Mr. and Mrs. captors.

Written by: Dr. Paul W Dyer