Tere Tatiana is Clearing the Way for Women in the Trucking Industry
Tere Tatiana, posted alongside an 18-wheeler

It is often said that you should never judge a book by its cover, because every once in a while, someone from the most unexpected place makes an impact in ways no one would ever expect. Well, that is exactly what Atlanta-based entrepreneur and beauty influencer Tere Tatiana is doing – making her mark in the male dominated trucking industry with her highly successful company, Labeled Blu Transportation. 

Take one glance at Tere’s social media and you might say she belongs in a fashion magazine, not posted alongside an 18-wheeler. However, shattering societal norms and defying the odds is something she has done all her life, and she wants to empower others to do the same. 

“When I first started back in 2012, it was literally taboo for women, especially black women to be involved in trucking,” said the Statesboro, GA native. “I didn’t know one single black female who owned a trucking company at that time, and although in recent years it has become more popular in our community, you still don’t see very many women.”

To change that narrative, last November, Tere became the first black woman to launch virtual trucking classes specifically designed to teach black women the ins and outs of the lucrative trucking business. Also, recognizing how COVID-19 took a heavy toll on many black working professionals, Tere believes that now is the perfect time to explore entering into ownership. That is why she is hosting seminars, such as the one she has planned for her hometown of Statesboro in late February.

“We need transportation for every single thing we do,” she said. “If the trucking system shut down we would be shut down, because trucks are responsible for transporting so many things, from school books and computers, to TVs…literally everything. This is a high demand industry and one that I encourage black women to explore.”

Labeled Blu Transportation has seen a lot of action. It houses a fleet of trucks that frequently run shipments across all 50 states. One unique fact about Tere is that she is actually a government contractor who was stationed in Afghanistan from 2009 until March 2020. She would still be overseas had it not been for the Coronavirus pandemic, which forced her to return to the states. Fortunately for her, the relocation turned out to be a true blessing in disguise, as she was able to pour all of her energy into her trucking business, as well as the other three companies she owns – Labeled Blu Collections, a clothing line; Labeled Blu Realty and Southern Hospitality Adult Daycare Facility. 

Needless to say, this high-powered, multi-faceted entrepreneur is well on her way to becoming one of the most recognizable female moguls in the near future. Her dedication and work ethic is otherworldly, and her efforts to inspire and motivate other women is sure to make an indelible impact for years to come. 

To keep up with Tere Tatiana, follow her on Instagram at @iamteretatiana. For more information on her trucking company, Labeled Blu Transportation, visit www.labeledblutransportation.com.