Tiffany Stewart: New Book Details Her Life Struggles Even With Degrees From Harvard And Howard University
In her newest book “No Saving For Me Later,” author Tiffany Stewart reflects on her journey as a Black woman and the obstacles that she had to overcome even with degrees from two of the nation’s most prestigious universities.

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — An educator turned entrepreneur, Tiffany Stewart, founded The Educator’s Promise, a nonprofit organization focused on education equity. A woman of many talents, Tiffany’s first passion is in writing. Her book, Jewels From a Black Diamond, is a collection of life lessons, words of wisdom and things learned along the journey to self-discovery.

It reflects on struggles with confidence, toxic relationships, faith, and the power of self-love. Her hope is that the reader finds the courage to always see and choose themselves, no matter who else doesn’t.

She’s now back with another book, No Saving Me for Later. This time, she speaks to putting your focus back on you and making the steps to be your best self. No waiting, no complaining, no blaming.

Tiffany comments, “I speak to my journey as a Black woman and the obstacles that I had to overcome even with degrees from both Howard & Harvard University. Many of the obstacles being what I was taught to believe about myself through past trauma and self-doubt. I lost it all and gained more back. The book is meant to inspire, heal, and motivate people to live life on purpose.”