Self Discovery Is No Secret

We are looking and even fighting for an understanding of our own pain and discovery. These things happen to us and often feel against us. We take it personally because it is felt internally. We absorb all things external to the internal. There is no way around it. What our brain and mind does is completely different. The mind is the most overprotective guardian ever with the Big E. The mind will block and hind and try to deceive actions of thoughts because of pain. I know you are thinking pain as in something you consciously recognize. You could not be further from reality. Reality and truth are not the same. We create both for the mind to want to control.

I am telling you this because there are and have been practices that allows you to fully feel the moment of actions and not filter it through the protective mind. The basic nature of human is developed in the cosmos, the cosmic birth. These practices have been taken away from you and called it evil or black magic or whatever they, yes, they needed too to take the control away from your magical development and understanding your connection to the cosmic life.

Humanity forms one body with Heaven, Earth, and everything in between. This relational embodiment can be described in terms of expanding concentric circles. We are part of a cosmic, national, and social body that our personal bodies are microscopic reflections of. It is in this relationship to the cosmos (better known as nature) and the nation that the scientific aspects of the Live Science become apparent. The way practices interfaced with science was primarily through mathematics, which in the living science tradition manifested in what one might call “Astro-geomancy, or the joined disciplines of all the connection of the earth to the heavens.

The nature of consciousness as a field of all possibilities.  I have explored consciousness as the source not only of the human mind and its ability to experience, know, innovations, but also as the source of all structures and functions in creation, from fine particles to DNA to galaxies, in parallel with the scientific notion of a unified field, or superstring at the basis of the infinite diversity of time and space.

The brain has been less decoded than anything ever explored in our time of existing. What I believe we have missed is not the findings but the feeling of the internal self. Therefore, in recent years mindfulness has been a phrase thrown around like a cheap slave for our own amusement. It serves us only when we choose to call upon it and then we beat it for comic applauses. It sickens me to no end to hear people talk about Mindfulness and not really want to understand the cosmic body and earth and heaven connections.

How do we get to the understanding of cosmic body. The different modalities of the transformed ego-consciousness which defines reality and presupposes one of reality. It is arguably a place that describe a variety of interrelated practices, beliefs and traditions that focus especially on trance or ecstasy(Mindfulness) and human specific relationship with the helping of our cosmic ancestor.

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Written By: Dr Paul W Dyer