Poop and Paradise

We have an experience many changes in our lives that will last forever. These things are not even new to even bring up. I have mentioned before in my other wittings to be on the lookout constantly of what life is teaching you to be in Glory and not in Suffering. When we see a leaf blowing in the wind this fall it might remind us that we will too leave the strong tree from which we have grown from to be on your own and to start a new strong tree because we are the seeds of life blowing around this beautiful globe. As we are being rained on it will remind you that all things that produces water, from tears to rain allows is for cleansing for a new beginning. I can go on and on, but when it comes to recognizable annoyances does it trigger the consciousness awareness practice? The answer is hell to the no unless you are in the Living Practice.

I was recently around grandbabies I have not seen in quite some time, and around my children I have not seen because of Covid and restrictions either self-impose or of government restrictions. What does it matter the why, but the sound and the smell for me this recent time was paradise.  A true sense of senses of paradise here on earth. As an active parent you may understand that there is an endless joy with your children from the crying to laughter, from the popping to throwing up and from smiles to the soothing sounds. What is also very much understood is that a break is needed and deserve from these constants of joys (A parental break). What I am lamenting about is the stillness of self, to recognize that you are in a living practice not a living perfection. Keep asking yourself the question in all situation whey is this a joy or not a joy at the time of awareness. Allow yourself to be asked the same question from a observer.

What is your Struggle?

The only way you can allow an observer to inquire is when you remove the Blocking of EGO. When you are not able to allow an inquire to your emotions, you will separate the seed of Glory cultivation from being seeded in the life you are trying to develop. There is difference in being asked to defend yourself. When you do not trust yourself, you will not allow inquires of your internal emotions. When you have not been released from trauma imprisonment you will defend, deflect, and destroy period. So, when you smell the poop and hear the cries and the screams it is the living you must embrace not your EGO. Simply To enjoy laughter and the smiles you must enjoy all the rest. Part of The Living Practice is in the detective work into your emotional thread to your feeling and actions and thoughts. If you don’t know your understanding because it is more than just your why. Then you are being controlled by a construct you did not build or cultivate and never developed.

Written by: Dr. Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer GM