Personal Productivity Is the Answer

I am in such a quagmire with my brain and my heart when it comes to the issues of America and the directions it is moving. I will not stipulate the reasons for this because the list is getting longer like elephant leaves.

Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense for several reasons, but primarily to advocate for American independence from British rule. We are losing our freedom from the inside out. We have lost sight of our control on how to build a civil society. I would like to write this in a language that is accessible to the common person, using simple, straightforward arguments that anyone could understand. I believe we have a logical but also morally imperative for the American people to break away from the enslaved mind and traumatized society. I think it is absurd for governments and wars across the ocean to rule over a vast continent of America.

We know our history is chaotic and the past was horrific and sometimes it feels horrifying. We need to fight to achieve our full potential as a nation. We are tied to trauma that we must deal with on every level and if we don’t it will hold us back and prevent America from developing into a powerful and prosperous country. We have lost our luster as a country and now the destruction flows like rain in hurricane seasons.

I see the need to teach personal productivity. Productivity is a term that is commonly used to describe the level of efficiency and effectiveness with which a person or organization can accomplish tasks and achieve goals. Personal productivity refers to an individual’s ability to manage their emotions with understanding and manage their actions through understanding.

Human conditions have been shaped through thousands of years of evolution for and are still being guided by survival not the living sciences. Our emotional brains as Americans are sick and in pain. The data on personal productivity has only been used in elite business but not communities.

Personal productivity is subjective and can vary from person to person. It is influenced by factors such as motivation, work, environment and education, and personal habits, which can make it challenging to develop a standardized way of measuring personal productivity. Furthermore, personal productivity is often considered a soft skill, which means that it is difficult to quantify and measure. Unlike hard skills, such as coding or data analysis, which can be easily measured through objective metrics, personal productivity is.

more difficult to evaluate. This may be another reason why there is a lack of teaching it. We are missing the truth in communications, and it is showing in our devolving of civic order and the loss of lives at a rapid pace because of ego and economic dysfunctions.

Do you know what a voiceless bilabial plosive is? The voiceless bilabial plosive is a simple sound. While the voiceless bilabial plosive may seem like a simple and unremarkable sound, it is a crucial part of spoken language. Without it, words like pop and papa would be impossible to pronounce. Furthermore, the voiceless bilabial plosive is often used in conjunction with other sounds to create complex syllables. The voiceless bilabial plosive is an important consonant sound that is used in many languages around the world. While it may seem like a simple sound, it plays a crucial role in spoken language and is an essential component of human communication. I mention this because what we know and don’t know about how we communicate, and the importance of true communication is important. The futile and frivolous attempts to talk to each other are part of the corruption.

The pain that we are experiencing is something people have felt before. in history. We need to shift the balance of opinion in favor of those advocating for independence. Freedom and independence have not been felt in the inner cities of America and the lost counties of the United States ever. Humans have been rolling over each other like a combine in the fields of wheat. The devolving state of our emotional retardation has destroyed the senses and caused our malignant brains to be attacked. Instead of reaching to our higher self we are driving down into our lowest conscious state. To learn personal productivity for communities creates a village that works together. Personal productivity for self is enlightenment, but when you don’t achieve compassion in your enlightenment it forms selfishness and a corrupt system.

Written by; Dr Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer GM