Motivational Moments With Dr Paul W Dyer: The Worried Mind
The Worried Mind

 I have a question when was the last time you read poetry for information not as a meme? When  I read  and I read a lot and for so many reason , but mostly I read to resolve. Yes resolve to connection of human expression. I recently read “I Too “by Langston Hughes . 

We humans are concerned and trying to read situations and places they belong or not and a worried mind is, by definition, discontent. This is the sad joke about human beings. We are so busy worrying whether or not we are going to be at peace in the future, we don’t give ourselves the chance to be at peace in the present.

When we get to a point in our practice, training, doing we will evolve in to our higher states of consciousness. The practice of meditation can bring you to evolution before the revolution. One is blood the other is peace.I’ve been exploring ways to weed out and dissolve even the subtlest levels of wanting, effort, and expectation in meditation.

Encouraged by the enthusiastic response to these new approaches from both complete beginners and people with many years of practice, I am now including them as a fundamental part my meditation teaching.

As we spring this new shift ,we become what we eat, what become we drink, and we become our level of physical activity. We can live not survive  through our past genetic make up, but through our thoughts and actions. 

What will your actions be?  

Written by: Dr Paul W Dyer Grandmaster