Najiyyah Brooks, CEO, and Founder of Brooks Media: Launches Promote Her Tv

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Najiyyah Brooks, CEO, and Founder of Brooks Media, a native of Newark, NJ, has taken Houston by storm with an Over-the-Top TV media network by converting an 18,200 square foot commercial space to launch Black woman-owned businesses that are prospering amid a pandemic. These businesses are being offered a streaming television network outlet, Promote Her TV(TM), available now and two new channels launching in Q1 2021 – Mecca Stream TV(TM) and Faith Broadcasting Network(TM).

Despite a worldwide pandemic, where the economy is low and jobs are few, these women entrepreneurs have taken necessary steps to prosper because Brooks is also teaching them how to build their businesses, expand their brands and scale their profits by capturing in house audiences that are at home virtually streaming and watching TV 24/7.

Brooks started the OTT division of the business in June 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. Brooks said, “The pandemic literally forced me to make a decision. Either risk everything I had built because of fear or risk what resources I had left to offer my membership an opportunity to expand their brands through Over-the-Top Television and still grow their businesses while practicing physical distancing.

” She took a scary and uncomfortable dive into the tech space and became a developer for the Big Distribution Apps (Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Google Play, iOS, Androids, etc).

Promote Her TV has streamlined the process for women business owners to record professionally and have edited content distributed on their networks, which allows their businesses to grow, secure sponsorship and advertising to fund their initiatives.

Promote Her TV has over 100 new shows, airing in 2021, and is currently offering a Co-Laborate Workspace (shared office, meeting space, and fulfillment center) in Houston. Also, an affordable group health insurance plan is available for women business owners and their families to take advantage of.

The media conglomerate offers masterclasses, complimentary advertising in their media verticals to include magazines and online radio and incorporates growing clientele into everything they do. Brooks said, “We constantly work to identify new offerings that help us all win.” Therefore, Brooks will also be launching an online radio station in early Spring 2021, Promote Her Radio.

“I am a Black Woman from very humble beginnings and modestly educated. I have been in business for almost 20 years, but it was not until this year through these two new initiatives (Promote Her TV and Promote Her Network) that I have truly grown and flourished,” said Brooks.

Her organization, Promote Her Network for Women, is comprised of some of the smartest and most talented entrepreneurs in the country. “We are growing daily, and I would not be able to submit this information if it weren’t for them taking this risk with me.

Because of them, we are opening new locations in areas where our client list is growing to accommodate them on their own soil. “I am forever grateful to this Sisterhood and for the possibility of being able to share my story to encourage another Black Woman to DREAM BIG.,” said Brooks.

Brooks Media Group (BMG) LLC is Northern, NJ and Houston, Texas based, which started as a boutique marketing and media firm rapidly growing to a conglomerate catering to small to mid-sized businesses’ needs. They are home to multiple brands of media outlets with distribution growing across the United States.

BMG understands the marketing challenges of small business owners and what it is like to have a “shoe-string” operations budget. As an answer to many business concerns on such a budget, BMG has developed quality and cost-effective marketing programs to help business owners reach their target audience. Promote Her’s objective is to lead by their tagline to assure that women business owners do nothing less than succeed because “When You Win… I Win, Sis!”

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