Motivational Moments With Dr. Paul W Dyer Grandmaster: Relationship Dynamics
Dr. Paul W Dyer Grandmaster

Relationship Dynamics:

The relationship or relations between yourself and your undeveloped emotional actions still has a source or energy that is entropy.The cause of oneself is an interruption of the soulful self and  being.   Since entropy (thermodynamics) and its order has properties,thoughts have properties too, including being translucent tithe mind. There is much to be learned from that specific ordering of energy from your personal connection not assumptions. 

Next, we must define an emotion. An emotion, like most every other immaterial entity, is a projection of information from the immaterial void to the material realm. It is in this room we find the most confusion. The chaos that is  and can be distributed from the internal self to the external action causes a distinct disruption in the energy that we don’t understand. This is why we work on the living science and action of emotional sciences.                        

Emotion is a distinctly different ordering of entropy than a  thought or thoughts in the emotional body. An emotions’ primary components  are different, and its properties of transient and amplification have different  diffusion rates, or rates of spreading and increasing. In essence, an emotion is the motion of feeling of the soul. 

As the souls’ tendencies changes. with respect to time, the interference constructive or deconstructive between the information in the soul and its physical environment create a change, or movement,   in the order of  energy of the soul.  Your emotions can  be a thought of as immaterial   motion, wherein the void of  the  soul’s information entropy reacts to what information it receives.

There are so many things we were deliberately not taught. A being feels  emotion via the physical body. 

Just like with a thought that is synthesized or decomposed, the infinite  feedback loop of mind and matter is the route of which  the information travels.             

Love is connected to each other in the immaterial void. Every being is partially connected to each other in the material realm. Another way to think of this is we are all connected to the same delocalized zero field that is the immaterial void, but in the material realm,      information travels from being  to being at the cost of energy  expenditure, hence information  is lost , matter is energy is information. 

When information is lost, there  is a disconnect between beings. When information is not lost,the energy is absolute connection  from being to being.

Let us consider a closed system, wherein two beings with two separate physical bodies inhabit this system. Consider some immaterial cause that changes the physical and energetic components of some being.

When we consider the system then we can consider it to be closed or open. When the system of the emotional state between beings is close then there is an eruption That can cause failure. When the system is open then it has to be consider the outside energy systems that it can be connected to which is all matter. 

When the system is connected to all matter then it has the opportunity to flourish and grow to different planes and actions. These actions of information receives new information from the environment. Simultaneously,  the electromagnetic field of the physical body  and the emotional creation.

Specifically coming from the heart and brain which are electrically complex and entropic field that interacts with the electromagnetic field of the globe.              

Since the electromagnetic spectrum travels in waves across theoretically infinite  distances, there exists a possibility that the two fields interact. Since the fields of human beings are all similar in spectrum, then the probability that the two fields interact increases.

This interaction we have known as love and chaos. When two fields interact it cannot stay at zero point.

The universe we live within necessitates the existence of the imagination of nature in order to create itself in its image of balance and power. The word power in nature is not like modern day power this power is of the creator and or complete love.  The universe is a divine expression of itself. The source of all creation occurs within the  immaterial void as it once did during cosmogenesis, and still  continues to to this day. 

The  process of creation is within the process of imagination.  When the imagination is invoked, information is created from nothings. In order to be invoked, the imagination must be willed into  existence in order to project   information. 

Thus, the extent of will yields varying levels of   the imagination. Will is an inherent property of the fabric of reality. As in cosmogenesis the will acts as energy from the power form in the void of the mind. When the mind is clear then creation can occur.

This is why we practice healing and clearing the mind to allow for the transition and transfer of entropy of our lives in and out of material and immaterial world.To allow yourself to feel is the process. Allow the pain to surface and feel uncomfortable and be comfortable being uncomfortable this is energy releasing to a positive force and not a negative impact.