Gabby Goodwin: African American Teen Ceo Making Six Figures
Gabby Goodwin pictured above with her parents Comedian Mike Goodwin and Rozalynn Goodwin.

Oakland, CA (BlackNews.com) — 14-year old Gabby Goodwin now has a headquarters for her business, thanks to her parents, Comedian Mike Goodwin and Rozalynn Goodwin. The successful teen entrepreneur, who is the CEO of Confidence, is looking forward to fulfilling orders for her patented GaBBY Bows and girls’ plant-based natural hair products, as well as hosting entrepreneurship and beauty workshops there. The first commercial property investment for the Goodwin family also has retail space, a salon and office space for MTG Comedy.

“I am so grateful for my parents’ sacrifices, and I am honored to have a building with my family to build generational wealth. I hope to continue to inspire girls to follow their dreams and achieve their goals,” Gabby shared.

At the age of seven, Gabby and her mom Rozalynn solved the age-old problem of disappearing hair barrettes by inventing GaBBY Bows, a non-slip Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette. GaBBY Bows, along with their full line of girls’ natural hair care and styling products remove stress from the styling process so moms, dads and girls can cherish this precious time together. The company’s online hair care tutorials and hair tool organizer also save time and frustration, while Gabby’s children’s book, virtual entrepreneurship academy for girls and keynote presentations inspire confidence and creativity.

About Confidence by GaBBY Goodwin
Gabby and Rozalynn Goodwin of Confidence by GaBBY Goodwin launched and began selling GaBBY Bows through their online store in February 2014. The mother-daughter duo has since filled online orders of their barrettes and other styling solutions in all 50 states in the U.S. and in twelve countries. GaBBY Bows are also carried in select retail and beauty supply stores in the US, Canada and South Africa. They established the Mommy and Me Entrepreneurship Academy® in November 2018. More than 50 Girl Bosses and their mothers from 16 states have enrolled for mentoring and started their own businesses under the brand.

Learn more about the company at GabbyBows.com