VR Tech Company Reveals The NEW Future Of Venue Space

This Includes Solving The Problem Of Social Connectedness

Large corporate trainings, workshops, conferences and events have come to a traumatic halt! However, will the release of a COVID-19 Vaccine give everyone the confidence to get right back in to the swing of things?

According to the Washington Post, public health experts are discussing among themselves a new worry: that hopes for the vaccine may be soaring too high. The confident depiction by politicians and companies may give people unrealistic beliefs about how soon the world can return to normal — and even spark resistance to simple strategies that can tamp down transmission and save lives in the short term.

Video conferencing has helped us to keep on track, but there are many downfall’s to them. At the TOP of the list is the lack of a personal connection. Many customers feel that video conferencing takes away from the personal and social connected touch provided by in-person meetings.

VirtMe Technology, based in Austin, TX expects to solve the problem of social connectedness and in a far-reaching way change the way that Meeting & Event Planners, Training Seminars, Workshops and other large events host and produce their events.

In a recent interview, with the company’s Co-Founder and Chairman, Christopher Thomas, he states, “VirtMe Technology’s mission is simple, to transform how people socialize, interact, connect, meet and attend events. We do this by creating groundbreaking and warp speed cloud innovation. In addition to expanding a global real-time human communication and by making a positive impact in the world in which we live, work and play.”

An Unrecognized Health Problem

Robert B Hudson a PhD at Boston University School of Social Work published an article entitled, “Lack of Social Connectedness and Its Consequences”. Here, Dr. Hudson talks about how policymakers, practitioners, and researchers have come to focus attention on Social Connectedness and consequences.

One of the interviewees in Dr. Hudson’s article, is Julianne Holt-Lunstad, a psychologist at Brigham Young University. She frames the prevalence and severity of loneliness as an unrecognized public health problem

We at inCity Magazine, aggressively pushed to try and get a sneak peak of the platform, but they said we have to wait until the official beta release, happening soon.

How You Can Help Solve The Health Problem

The Official informational website of VirtMe Technology was recently released. Regarding it, Christopher states, “We are excited about the release of the official website. Our visitors can expect to stay updated regarding the hottest trends and information regarding the tech area of virtual reality.”

“To celebrate the release, we installed the VirtMe Technology Scholarship Fund. This fund will provide the next generation of young people who have a career interest in technology, a way to do so. We ask that your readers please visit the new website and purchase an OFFICIAL VirtMe t-shirt. A portion of the proceeds of each piece sold, will be donated to the VirtMe Technology Scholarship Fund.” Christopher laughingly adds, “Those who really want see this fund be successful, at check out of the purchase, there is an option make an additional donation. Thank you in advance for your support.”

Support the scholarship fund by clicking here.