It Is All A Matter Of Thought

Throughout my journeys I am thinking and will continue to think about not just the journey ,but creation and the human conditions. We as a society do not get talked about the conditions and thinking unless you are a scientist or a philosopher. Others just go about and wonder or take what has been told to them and follow it. I am not a follower ,but I am a badger digging for knowledge, information, but more importantly a place in this society where I am considered.

Before the creation of the universe, there was an awareness or it is impossible to create something without having a Creator? The Creator, we will say, is a pure potential energy, not a quantity.
Something that is aware is, at the very least, able to think. Since the creator of such a complex, infinite, well ordered and beautiful universe must itself possess these qualities, we give the Creator of the universe the benefit of the doubt and call It sane, rational, and joyful. Therefore, the intended experience for any conscious being anywhere must be one of joy, for all consciousness everywhere is an aspect or extension of an infinite intelligence.

My journey is not painful or traumatizing, it is moments that put stamps on my cellular body and I either made it into a function or ignored it and the negative or positive charge created actions. This is my mind and understanding when it comes to the universe.

The infinite intelligence was aware before anything physical was created, and It perceived Itself as totally fulfilled and blissful in itself. Human beings are very good at this sort of self-limiting and delusional thought, but the awareness that brought forth the universe is probably a little brighter than that. So I say that before the universe existed there was, not a Nothing, but in Everything.

We represent the awareness which created the universe as a perfectly derived canvas ,since white is a combination of all colors.
Of course, our representation of Everything has boundaries, and there are no boundaries yet. There is no freedom either, for in order to conceive of the concept of freedom, there has to be something limiting. It seems paradoxical that freedom cannot exist without limitation, but that is the truth. In fact, existence itself is based on the idea of duality, or opposites.

My First Thought
A universe must have space, whether physical or conceptual. The creation of universes starts first with a thought. By a thought, I mean the idea of something different from the thinker. This process of thinking a thought different from the thinker automatically creates a particle or energy packet, because the thought is, by definition, something discrete. Once a thinker created a thought, a universe was born, for there is now a point outside of itself to view. The First Thought (different from the thinker) was an explosion of cognition for the thinker. At once the First Thought brought about the ideas of creation, existence, separateness, otherness, space, distance, communication, potential, actual (‘real’), identification, and self-awareness. The First Thought was shocking and exhilarating to the thinker, for it contained within it the concept of something NOT [the thinker]. Til now all were thinkers. It is impossible to explain the explosive significance to a being when this is first realized. The concept of existence is a revelation.

The thought of conditioned from a modern standpoint is confusion and ego driven into distraction, addiction, and ego that allows the detachment and the escape from the creator. As so many people are controlled by the environment and not by a thought from the thinker.

First there is a person, a pure quality or awareness, but nothing outside of it. Pure awareness is complete within itself.

When A has a thought, by conceiving that there may be something other-than-itself, it creates a space between A and B. As this process is repeated, a universe may come into being. This is also how humans create their realities of truth.

Actually, A does not really ‘exist’, before the First Thought, because it is pure potential. After the First Thought, B is created, and so pure awareness can perceive itself as different from B and thus conceive of itself as existing, separate from B. Thus is born the very important concept of differentiation. After reading this last example , please reread and write it down and understand ,because it is very important.

Others have the idea of ‘something from nothing,’ a complete intellectual contradiction. We say that the creative principle consciousness is able to map a quanta from the virtual, non-physical realm, into the ‘physical,’ thus creating space and the capability of perception. The physical universe is then just the set of perceivable

creation of the thinker as the creator. All thoughts are alive; internally in motion, because it proceeds from consciousness. It has a unique vibration identity.

We might like a thought to a particle like the photon, which has no mass, but non-zero momentum, given in physics by hv / c, where c is the speed of light, v is the frequency of the photon, and h is Planck’s constant, referred to in the physics literature as the fundamental constant of nature. Or perhaps a thought may be considered as having just the tiniest bit of mass, something so tiny that it can be regarded as a pure potential. Regardless, a thought, like a photon, has existence. Whether or not it has mass, a photon is the basic unit (quantum) of electromagnetic radiation (light), which we can perceive with our eyes and measure with instruments. For the purposes of this discussion (and throughout the rest of this writing) I will refer to a thought as having mass, not because this discussion is in any way rigorous, but because it is easy for people to understand. So when we say a thought has “mass,” we mean that it has existence and can be perceived.

We represent the First Thought as something different from the awareness which created it. The First Thought is discrete, separate. It must be separate, otherwise it couldn’t exist. Existence, by definition, must be a something, must be a thing that can be recognized for itself. This tells us immediately that everything in existence is unique.

Now you may be wondering how this information helps you understand me or even help you understand yourself? To understand and to know the things that you or I have created because we allowed our pain, the trauma, the ego to define ourselves is part of the creation as you are the creator.

All of life is in motion. This motion is part of creation and living. When we fall in love that is a motion. When we stop thinking this is decaying. In motion there is life. I must say falling in love may be easy , but having love between two beings and particles is wondrous.

Two particles or mass cannot remain motionless relative to each other. There is a slight imbalance owing to their different masses. Both particles will sort of orbit around each other, seeking balance. They can always find a dynamic balance in their dancing around each other, but never one which does not involve movement. Therefore anything which exists is in motion and seeking balance. This is why relationships either die or grow. It is the motion you are creating with each other because of each other not because one thinks they are doing when they are actually causing harm.

Think of the earth-moon system. The moon does not revolve around the earth ,the earth and moon revolve about each other. The center of gravity of the earth-moon system is somewhere within the earth. In other words, there is a pivot point within the Earth around which the dual-planetary system of the Earth and the Moon rotates. (This pivot point is called the barycenter). Think of dancing. When you twirl your partner about you, you feel a pull from her and she feels a pull from you. Say you both hold hands with arms extended and begin to rotate. Now you are both inextricably tied together, for if one of you lets go, both of you will go flying. The only way to extricate yourself is to stop moving. If you do not like that example, then when you are both intertwined in making love and one stops motion it stops the connection of energy and turns into control. You can have voices in love making to keep the connection, but without the motion there is change of integrity.

As I am made of matter and things that matter you must understand that matter and energy must necessarily be separate things, with clearly observable characteristics, but consciousness is not so limited. A person can decide to be anything he or she wishes, at any time. Consciousness is essentially love, for that is what it feels like to experience your true nature without any blockages, distortions, or resistances which so frequently crop up in day to day living. What I’m trying to say is that the inherent nature of consciousness is a feeling of love, of unity with all things. So consciousness can identify. To be known one must begin to know. To be heard one must learn to speak, to be loved one must love themselves to create the energy to bring motion. I hope all things bring light to your journey as it has to mine. I pray we all meet at the emotional mountain. I also hope you find a partner like I have to be your particle of motion.