I Could Not Sleep On The 4th Of July

I was not able to sleep or rest on the 4th of July. What kept upsetting me was the question, what are we celebrating, and who is celebrating, and who is feeling disregarded or disenfranchised?

First, we can talk about what many have written about being a citizen of a republic. We must name a few, Frederick Douglass, David Hume, St Augustine, and Plato.

If the 4th of July is to celebrate independence, then why are we celebrating now? Unfortunately, in recent years, like insidious viruses, lying dormant in an environment of growing public apathy in complacency, unknown forces begin their gradual takeover of our country. Through trickery and disinformation agents of such forces, some are finance, directly or secretly, manipulated by foreign sources, gained gradual acceptance, and power within our society, they have infiltrated our government and agencies and institutions. Very few people understood what was happening. The people who know are our government, your government, the elected and appointed officials knew and knows. This is not independence!

Our civil rights and liberties, so cherishing to pass by the fathers of our country are in great danger. The constitution, so clearly designed by the fathers of a country to protect us from oppression and abusive prosecution, has become outdated. Civil rights and liberties guaranteed by the constitution are now considered to be anachronisms and assumed an obstacle to total control. What has only to look at some of the recent court cases to find out what has happened to our laws, our constitution, and judicial process.

We have movements from Civil rights, human rights, human trafficking, conformity, reparations, confirmation of sexual orientation, and the killing of citizens from police to each other. As important I may, or you may think this is, we are still divided by political constructs and ideology of perception and persuasions.

With all these movements and campaigns, we still have not stopped the loading of lower courts judges to supreme Court judges. We still have not eradicated sexual discrimination against racial, and religious persecutions among all working environments and especially the public servants i.e.: the police, social services, schools, hospitals etc. knowing all of this and we are still stuck behind materials, economics, and most importantly EGO.

These things have caused and continue to create trauma in the brain and body, which leaves individuals and communities debilitated to be able to move forward. By design I am sure of this, and this action and inability also causes apathy and disingenuous actions by many individuals.

I am sick and getting sicker of pointing this out and not have many come to the table for a solution. We do not need another cause, but answers. Without going as far as to call for a revolution, what can WE DO TOGETHER!

Since 2002 when President Bush in-acted No Child Left Behind policy we have a generation of 35 years and younger who’s education has been corrupted due to world view and a political scheme. So, we unfortunately besides the precious few, we cannot depend on to think and think critically. We also have 65 years and above besides the precious few think that olds days were glorious. If we also take out the apathetic, the selfish and thrown in the few oblivious, where does that leave us? Who is left to fight for our independence, freedom? Let me also point out the economic disadvantage, the housing disadvantage who do not have the time or means to march, read, or do whatever because they are trying to survive this sickness, we call society.

So, if this is you who is in the fight and ready to fight are you willing to not have a conversation but help with a solution? If your ideas are writing campaigns, walking demonstrations or anything that has been done in the last 50 years, just stop.  If our government did not pass anti lynching law until 2022 then you must know all previous actions do not work. 

If we can take what Jeff Bezos has done with Amazon, we need a new way to do things otherwise we will continue to get the same results. Here is another obstacle that I have noticed that has been recently introduced to the people, but has been worked on for over two decades and that is A.I. This is going to destroy any potential fight that has anything to do with the written word and videos. If it is not in person, it could be computer generated.

So if you need to listen to Bob Marley’s of the world, and songs about change from whatever artist you like or just read the constitution and get informed, please, than DO IT!

Written by: Dr. Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer GM