Human beings are organisms

As two humans meet what happens before a word is spoken there is a wave form that connects 16 feet before active consciousness occurs. There is the smell that triggers the olfactory bulb. The is the direct line to the limbic system. This includes the amygdala and the hypothalamus, the region that is related to emotions and memories.

While the heart vibration sends more signal to the brain than the brain to the heart a chemical reaction has already begun. The bulbar neurons that is activated are part of the brain stem. As this factory of information has begun your experience through history has already Began a path of safety. The occipital lobe is the part of the brain responsible for interpreting information. This information helps the mind to start to interpret your experiences of perception. I find it funny when people say keep an open mind and have no idea the mind has begun to close and determine an ideal outcome.

Your thoughts are now being pulled like gravity to a grounding effect. This fact is where your opinions are located.

Human beings are organisms. When we look at other types of organisms, we consider environment and growth factors, such nutrients and how they could or will rejuvenate and reproduce. Humans have all of that and possess a wide range of emotions and behaviors. Humans are also.

shaped by various external factors, including social, cultural, and personal experiences.

What can be argued is the state of consciousness and the role it plays in the development of emotions. We could say the most fundamental emotions that humans experience is love.

Human conditioning refers to the process by which individuals learn to behave in a certain way based on their external environment and experiences. This conditioning can be positive or negative, and it can shape an individual’s behavior, beliefs, and values. One of the most significant factors that shape human conditioning is culture. Culture plays a crucial role in shaping an individual’s beliefs, values, and behaviors, including their ability to love.

Despite the many factors that can shape human conditioning and the ability to love, it is important to remember that love is a fundamental human need that can be learned and cultivated. Through positive experiences, such as healthy relationships and supportive communities, individuals can learn how to love and express emotions in a healthy and fulfilling way.

As I will now talk from my personal life. I am heartbroken that I did not know how to love like I understood it from a clinical physiology, psychology, and philosophy sense. I am in love with this incredible human organism, but it started with self. I am unable to compare samples from previous relationships because all the other factors are different. So as an organism, I am different. I am not having environmental factors that were once barriers before has never come apprised. I looked for the notification and waited for it and nothing happened. This tells me personally that this is incredibly different. I again shall state, the factors are different and cannot compare to the previous. I can say this, it makes me scared to be so vulnerable.  As my teachings would say “to open yourself to the universe is to be truly alive and intentional”.  I do believe in this completely. I am ok crying from worry and feel heart brokenness if she is wronged by me, but I also enjoy the forgiveness, and compassion and joy she brings me. All these feelings and emotions is love without boundaries cause by fear. When worry is afraid it is damaging, because then you look for control. When forgiveness is afraid, then you look for blame and Shane. When love is afraid, you will be doomed to crumble like your past.

As I connect my science mind to my love mind, I am finding balance between my joy and doing better. I will continue to learn and continue to grow. I hope when you read this it will help you with both. Put all your past and conditions on the shelf and build your love, and life with awareness and consciousness. We can all do better when we know better.

I will leave you with this sonnet.

What I feel and feeling is always new to understand. What I feel is this my stomach aches when I think you are tense, my heart is in pain when I feel your frustration. I get butterflies knowing when you are coming home to see me, kiss me, touch me, hold me. I open my eyes early just so I can see you and look at you. I pray for your happiness to shine like the sun. I pray that you feel free to never worry about what you saw to me. What you smell like, what your hair for your love is a chance I am going to have for the rest of my days. My love is going straight to you. I am learning have learned and want to learn for the betterment of me.

Written By: Dr. Paul W Dyer GM