Have you ever seen an angry butterfly:

“Violence is manmade subconsciously to human action created”. Dr Paul W Dyer

As the sun radiates from your wings. It breaks the silence that speaks only to the universe. The shape of your color’s dances in the wind only to whisper silence to the flowers all around.

The laces up tight and the brim of the cover bender forward, the custom is set. The ground has protected itself with large trees and billowing shrubs. The switch grass tightens up like Soldier’s prepared for war.  This field is of broken understanding and unshared dreams.

As you dance in the wind from flower to flower, I am pollarding and clear cutting my feelings through the field of tears. As I sit in my john deer turret, I see you talking to all your colorful friends gathering puddle.

The field shall yield hay and build characters of young and old women and boys. It will develop a connection between trauma and love. It will connect hope and possibilities. As the words are spoken, I pray you feel them as I take away the land you were born and fluttered in.

As you fly and free your screams and cries of past cut too soon. I agree with you. May we shine and reflect to the universe of hope and dreams. May we meet again and sit and watch the Sun Rise and Fall.

Written by: Dr Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer