Feature Story: Attorney Mixed Up With TRAPPing?

Feature Story: Attorney Mixed Up With TRAPPing?

Feature Story: Attorney Mixed Up With TRAPPing? – inCity Magazine – When our publisher came across this attorney, he said, “We have to write about this!”

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inCity Magazine Tiffany Simmons_Trap_Attorney_The Plug LawyerPlease introduce yourself and your business to our audience: My name is Tiffany M. Simmons.  I am a human first (lol).  I am an attorney, an author, and actor.  My business is Simmons Law, a law firm based in Atlanta, GA.  We specialize in Business, Criminal Defense, & Entertainment Law.  Simmons Law is the leader of this generation of fearless millennial lawyers.

What are your areas of practice:  I specialize in business, criminal defense and entertainment law.  However, we have attorneys that specialize in family law and personal injury.  The firm has never lost a case taken to trial, civil or criminal cases.  (Civil cases are for example when you sue a person for a contract.  Criminal cases are when a person is charged with a crime)

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What inspired you to become an attorney:  An incident that happened to me as a kid left me voiceless where I wanted someone to speak up for me.  I’ve always been a person never afraid to speak up, tell the truth, and help others.  As an attorney, I fix people’s legal problems but often time its really me fixing their life.  A legal issue affects so much of a person’s life, especially in the United States legal system.

Please tell us about the series of “Trap” novels:  The Plugs Lawyer is a trap novel I released this month.  It was actually a book I started around 2003 detailing events of my life, things that I saw in life, and the struggle of really being a “good girl with trap habits.”  The main character Tia starts the book off as a successful black female attorney but then she takes a look at her life and what got her to her most recent point of success.  Like myself, Tia didn’t grow up with a “silver spoon” in her mouth, nor did she come from a family of attorneys.  Like myself, the character Tia knew she wanted to leave her small Midwest upbringings for a bigger life.  The book is entertaining, inspiring, and it will keep you reading until the end.

How can our readers get a copy of your novel:  The Plugs Lawyer, and the other books I’ve written can be purchased at our site www.slfirmllc.com, on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Nobles, and in some bookstores like Medu Bookstore in Atlanta, GA.  The cost is $9.99.

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You have a very interesting way that you are encouraging minorities to become lawyers and women to become entrepreneurs, why are you doing this?  The legal profession is 88% male and white.  In addition to that stat, less than 5% of black women are lawyers, so I do this for US! I do this for the girls that look like me.  I do this for the girls that are finding their way in life.  I do this for the other minorities who are confused because they don’t “fit in” what lawyers “look like.”  Besides The Plugs Lawyer, I have two other books that encourage women and minorities to shoot for their dreams in business success.  THAT’S LAW: Create your law business for this generation tells readers what it’s really like to run a successful law business.  It tells law students what to expect after the bar exam as a real lawyer.  Law & Family Order: Making the Case for Successful Moms to Be is for young female entrepreneurs who strive to have business success and want a successful family life.  Yes a girl can have it all!  Through my books, Simmons Law events, and the work I do in the community I strive to show the next generation of leaders what a lawyer looks like.

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What are your goals with this? Goals with what?  With The Plugs Lawyer I will continue to move forward.  I am working on the second installation of The Plugs Lawyer with Shaun Mathis (who helped me complete the first one.)  In the second installation Tia Jones will continue to build the Jones Law firm and she may get into trouble with “the plug” that is her biggest client.  Tia may rebuild her relationship with her estranged mom, or she may quit the business and start a family.  Stay tuned.

How can our audience connect with you? Simmons Law can be reached locally at 404-461-8422 or 1-888-917-8387 toll free.  Website www.slfirmllc.com products related to “Young Lawyers Club” can be found at https://tiffanysimmons.myshopify.com/ .  IG: @officialsimmonslaw Twitter: @iamsimmonslaw

Any last words for our readers.  Don’t be afraid to be You! If you are alive today, God needs you for a special purpose, so don’t be afraid, even if it doesn’t look like what others think it should.  Everybody has a dream inside of them, it’s up to you to live it.  Be of integrity and respect.  Ladies, while being pretty on the outside, don’t forget to be pretty on the inside.  Be kind and considerate, but don’t take no s#$#!