Feature Story: Vitelle and the balancing act of Mother, Actress & Entrepreneur

Feature Story: Vitelle and the balancing act of Mother, Actress & Entrepreneur
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Vitelle balancing act Mother, Actress & Entrepreneur

Please introduce yourself to our audience

I’m Vitelle Webb; actress, model, director & entrepreneur.
How long have you been acting
For as long as I can remember and further.  I only know because I’ve seen pictures of me performing in Kindergarten and I can’t even remember that far back.  I don’t remember ever NOT acting.
We see that you have a full plate: Mother and Full time actress…How do you balance it all
It is difficult sometimes to juggle my busy life with my entertainment schedule, plus I try to fit in time for my furniture projects as well.  I’m just reminded every day that as long as you do what you love then you’ll never work a day in your life.  If it starts to get too overwhelming, exhausting, and feel too much like work I have to step back and decide what tasks can be eliminated.  At the end of the day, family first, so I make sure I take time away from all the chaos and just enjoy my kids as often as possible.
What goes on inside of you, when you are considering a role that you have been approached with
My first thought is scheduling.  When is the project, how long am I needed, where is it located, travel, pay rate, etc. all the business things get factored in first and once I know I’m able to do it then I check out the script and see if I’m comfortable with what the role is asking and if I’m feeling the script.  Sometimes I think about who the director is, if I’ve worked with them or someone I know has I may have a better idea of how they work.  Every one is different and some may let me tweak the character to my comfort level, others are strict.  So there’s a ton of things that factor in but usually as long as it’s not something completely outrages or trashy I’ll do what I can to make it work.  Once I’ve worked out the details I just start focusing on who I’m supposed to be, what I’ve been through, how I’m feeling, etc. & start to really get into becoming who I’m meant to portray.
How did you get your start
I started off in plays in elementary school and I don’t really remember a time that I wasn’t acting.  But it wasn’t until College that I was really able to passionately go after it since before then I could only do what I was allowed at school and I wasn’t able to do much extra curricular outside of school as a child.  I started off with plays then began getting roles in local films.  I decided to move to Atlanta in 2009 to pursue my film career further and I’ve been full time ever since.

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What are some of your goals
My goal is just to continue to work doing what I love.  I have my stage play, “The Face of Homeless” I’d like to take on a nationwide tour to help with the homeless situation.  I have several movies I’ve written that I’d like to bring to life as well as other stage plays.  I come up with a new idea that I make a goal every day but more than anything I just want to inspire people daily and do what makes me happy.
vitelle webb incity magazine
How can our audience reach you
My website is www.VitelleWebb.com
For booking you can email actressvitelle@gmail.com.
My fan page on Facebook is www.facebook.com/vitellefans or just search for “Vitelle”.
I’m on IG as @therealvitelle & Twitter @vitelle.