Dr. Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer:I Am Tired And Burned Out I Am Burned Out!! I Am Tired
Author Dr. Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer

I am Tired and Burned out I am burned out!!!  I am Tired!!! 

The question is a quest an adventure into the words accompanying your thoughts. Do you need that thought is that actually true. It may be true that your energy level is low. Yes.Even the thought I’m depressed.These are concepts that arise in your mind, you identify with them, and you’re ready, you’ll believe there’s nothing I can do. If I’m burned out, How can I be present?  But that’s just it, it’s an idea in your head. You start with the reality of this moment, which is not an idea about it, but was simply a phrase of the mind that you are carrying.

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You are some identity in your head that you are a burned out and depressed person. That’s a conceptual identity that becomes  and can become a conceptual identity. So you start with what is not a story about what it is a story about about who you are, because the story may be so negative, that it is beliefs in it and it becomes a closed door. Your entire sense of identity becomes a closed door. Take this low level energy journey into why am I saying this? What are the gifts this thought is allowing me to endure. To have these thoughts , your mind believes it will accomplish a self goal. Our minds can not achieve a thought  without  your permission weather unconscious or conscious.

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Not knowing is the reason you are burned out and tired. So let’s solve the problem then. The phrase is be present. I hear you from here not this crap again.  I’ve heard people say “what the hell is being present”, “ I don’t have time to sit in no damn chair , I am to busy”. If you have said these words my most harsh and loving response to you is this “ you are choosing to die now and continue walking the earth until your physical vessel stops”. To those who choose to live, stop!! open your mouth wide several times, close and open your eyes several times and shake your arms and body 2x. Then take three big breaths and then say “I will Live “3x. This is a start.  

Written by: Dr Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer.