Donyale Walton: Launches New Collection of Charms For Hoop Earrings

Donyale Walton CEO & Founder of Hoop Mobb

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — CEO & Founder of Hoop Mobb, Donyale Walton, says this first collection of Mobb Charms™ offers seven different charms. Women will be able to purchase a set of stainless steel hypo-allergenic hoops that will come with a charm of their choice, and they can add additional charms that suit their tastes.

She opened Hoop Mobb a year ago, “For every time you’ve questioned if your hoops were appropriate, for every room you’ve walked in and felt the need to water yourself down, and to create a space to encourage you to be exactly who you are, at all times.”

“My original idea was to offer something women could embrace as a form of self-expression,” Walton says, “Additionally, hoop earrings speak more to the culture of Black and Brown women, even though our brand is open to all women.”

The charms are custom designed by Black designers, and Walton envisions more charm collections in the future. “These charms reflect our customer’s personalities. One charm is a champagne bottle, another is a sneaker, one is a peace sign, and another embraces curves and curvy women,” she says.

Walton felt inspired to create the charms after her time in Corporate America. “I had to adjust to numerous expectations from other people, but those expectations weren’t true to who I am as a Black woman.”

Walton’s professional background centers on fashion, with marketing and e-commerce roles at Brooks Brothers, as well as Marie Claire in the fashion department. “I wanted to take everything I learned in the corporate environment, and use it to establish a brand that spoke to who I was,” she says.

Hoop Mobb’s collections include Big Hoops, Clip On Hoops, Gold Hoops, Hype-Allergenic Hoops, Medium Hoops, Rhinestone Hoops, Silver Hoops, and Statement Hoops.

Learn more at HoopMobb.com