Conscious, Connection, Coherence
Connection Not Disconnection

                        In the order of life there is a balance within and external. I have been talking about this for several decades and have been in practice and training for several more before that. We the internal and faithful students of the martial sciences have been dedicated with the living sciences and the understanding as part of our everyday life and training.

I believe and teach that the work on connection is vital to human balance. The work to connect your consciousness to your coherence heart and mind it is more than just controlling your breath in speeds and rhythms. What it does do is create a sine wave the harmonizes with the frequency of universal balance, why is this important well when we create that more coherent pattern, it improves, all of those functions that your life depends on to run your internal body.

  There are signals going from the heart back to Brain.  This action is either in balance (coherent) or not. Coherence is a measurable state, it’s its scientific term is psychophysiological coherence, and it measures you know the synchronization taking place within the systems within the body. And when we’re in a high state of coherence we are functioning very efficiently, it’s good for health. It also improves things like brain function, ability to discriminate reaction speed time visual feel all that is enhanced through increased coherence.

So as we learned increase coherence, it does all that but also gives us the ability. And this is important. Therefore, it’s most important nothing is just the ability to better observe and then regulate our emotions. Life is all about emotion. Our thoughts don’t even have much power unless there’s emotion assigned to those thoughts. We live in a society today where we’re being bombarded by events and information, and we’re having emotional reactions to everything that we see in here. And as that goes on, we can become very emotionally unstable. Many people are experiencing that today and, I say that with compassion for anyone who’s reading this to right now, it’s an interesting time, it’s up and down is all around, people can feel hopeless. They can feel they have no control. They can feel anxious, they can feel sad, they can feel depressed, these types of emotions are so prevalent in many, many people today. The good news is that when we learn about our heart, the qualities of the heart, and we learn about things like coherence, we can improve our ability to regulate and, I use that term intentionally not suppressing is learning to make emotional choices in a very mature and conscious way, we can learn to make emotional choices that are more beneficial to us. These practices can stop the pain, decrease the incarceration

Written by: Dr. Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer GM

Dr. Paul W Dyer GM