Awareness And The Mind

Awareness, awakening or whatever term you wish to use is what enlightenment is about.  I am often asked how and why I practice The Living Art.

I say “it is not to be better it is to awaken the whole”. ¬†Coming to this, our natural state is not a easy task, however it is not difficult either. But you must put in your practice time.

The practice I am referring to is the living art. The living art which is now a phenomenon in the west has been practiced in the east for thousands of years. It is however very misunderstood here. The only purpose of the living art is to quiet the mind and heal the body. As the mind becomes quiet, we discover our true selves within. How does the living art accomplish this? With great ease.

The greatest barrier to self-discovery is your Trauma and Ego. Your Trauma and Ego has an opinion on everything! Some people will read things like this blog and it will cause them to become upset. They disagree with my statement. This is pure ego. What is need is to simply observe things. Observe with no comment, or opinion. This is accomplished through the practice.

Your mind will bring up random thoughts and images. Pay no attention to them. Simply observe the thoughts. Do not try to stop them, just watch as they come and go. Be aware of them. When the mind and ego do not get the attention, they are looking for they become quiet. At first this is challenging, but it gets easier each time you practice. Have you ever been awake at night worrying about something? Imagine being able to turn that off. Mediation will provide this.

As you become more and more aware, the mind becomes quieter and quieter. You will see the futility of focus on the past and worry of future. In awareness you live only in the moment. You will discover wisdom within yourself you did not know was there. As you progress in the practice, you are healthy, and vitality will grow. It can be like becoming younger. The reason is that stress will leave the body and it will go back into balance again. Health is restored.

What is the difference between prayer in the west and mediation of the east? Prayer is asking, meditation is giving. As I went for my walk today my thoughts on the many blessing I have and the many blessings that will come. In the quite of the mind, we will ask nature a moral question.

The moral nature is that entity which produces human genius; the region which contains, or holds in reserve, all mutations of the mind. Heaven has no moral nature of itself; Man is the moral nature of heaven, just as the mind, which, located in the center of the body, it is united with that body and so completes the human shape. But the mind is the natural disposition of the body; the motive power within is the origin of spontaneous or voluntary action and embodies the capacity of intelligent action; and when a man avails himself of this motive power, its action may not be arrested. The mind has but a material seat at the heart; yet although this is but so much matter, it possesses certain capacities, and these capacities constitute the motive power of the man. When these capacities are in a body which is incompatible with them, they cannot be said to constitute the true mind belonging to that body; and the man himself, being placed in a position inconsonant with Heaven, cannot be regarded as constituting heaven’s true nature. The Principle of Heaven being established, the destiny of man is fixed. You are your creation.

There is a vast incredible world of infinite Possibilities to our common questions: What is Real? Who are We? What is Consciousness? Where are We Going? What is The Connection? What is Wellbeing? How can We Coexist? Discover the Scientific Evidence that Explains Our Essential and Empowering Heart Based Intuitive Intelligence. If we only give ourselves a chance, we can be all I have mentioned. May you start and stumble. May you cry and fall. May you scream and cry. The journey is all those wonderful things to love and joy.

Written By: Dr Paul W Dyer GM